Why I [heart] the Wharton Innovation Fund

By Ashwin Baweja, ENG’15/GEN’15/W’15 Founder of HashFav

There are an abundance of firsthand accounts that document the uncertainty that mires the entrepreneurial experience, but written words alone cannot fully capture the doubts that entrepreneurs face when building a startup. Luckily, the Penn Wharton Innovation Fund is a pillar of support for early entrepreneurs and helped me and my startup when we needed it most.

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Exit Interview: Aaron Goldstein W’16, Co-founder of Fever Smart

During his time at Wharton, Aaron Goldstein received the President’s Innovation Prize, a Wharton Venture Award, a Wharton Innovation Fund award, a Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund award and a Snider Seed Award, Fever Smart won Second Prize in the 2015 Wharton Business Plan Competition, and he was a member of the Venture Initiation Program. Before he graduated last month, we asked him a few questions about what it was like being a student entrepreneur. Here’s what he said:

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