Should An Entrepreneur Get An MBA?

Should An Entrepreneur Get An MBA?

By Eurie Kim WG’09, investor at Forerunner Ventures

When people ask me whether they should get an MBA if they want to start a company, I respond with: It depends. Do you already have an idea and a team? If not, what type of company do you want to start? Have you started a company before? What do you think you will get out of an MBA that you can leverage in the company building process? The answer to the question depends on where you’re starting from and where you’re trying to go.

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You’ve Got Questions; Founders’ Retreat Has Answers

By David Kimball WG’15

Last year, I remember the days leading up to the Founder’s Retreat.  I felt nervous and anxious, wondering if others would see me as a legitimate entrepreneur.  I was excited to be around other like-minded people and meet some new VCs / angel investors.  Most of all, I wondered if I would have a moment of clarity and receive some long-awaited answers to questions that had been ringing around my mind for months.  Were the two years and $120,000 I was about to spend worth it or should I spend that time and money launching a company?  Should I launch a biz during school or would I be happier getting a job and launching one later down the road? Are the faculty at Wharton engaged in entrepreneurship or simply happy to teach their classes and conduct their research?

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An MBA Sent This Entrepreneur To The Dogs (Literally!)

By Natasha Ashton WG’03, co-founder of Petplan

There’s little debate that an MBA is a great foundation for building a business—but is it a magic bullet for budding entrepreneurs? For us, the answer was an unequivocal “yes!” While many MBA graduates go on to work in relatively narrow fields and only use a fraction of what they learned, entrepreneurs will—at some point—tap into nearly every aspect of the curriculum. In fact, taking an entrepreneurial leap is the ultimate way to put newly acquired business school skills into real-world action.

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Is Getting an MBA Worth It for an Entrepreneur?

By Vikram Joshi WG’08, founder of Proxim Diagnostics and Red Ladder Media

It was the summer of 2006.

The past winter I’d left a mid-level startup job and applied to MBA programs. I’d gotten into Wharton, which was amazing, but I still had some reservations. In my mind, being an entrepreneur and earning an MBA seemed like opposing forces: entrepreneurship is risky, fast-moving, and exciting, while MBA programs felt academic, methodical, and unimaginative.

The Proxim Diagnostics Profile Reader.
The Proxim Diagnostics Profile Reader: the result of Vikram Joshi’s entrepreneurial efforts.

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