One Question: What advice do you give food entrepreneurs? Soom Foods’ Shelby Zitelman WG’07 answers.

Soom Foods, co-founded by Shelby Zitelman WG’07 and her sisters, has been quietly revolutionizing how Americans eat tahini, especially here in Philadelphia, where we can’t get enough of the hummus at award-winning restaurant Zahav (and its sister hummisiya Dizengoff), which is always made with Soom tahini.

We got the chance to ask Shelby Zitelman one question: “What advice do you give other food entrepreneurs?”

Here’s what she said:

One Question: How do you see data influencing private markets? Anand Sanwal answers.

Wharton Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce our new video series, One Question, in which we ask entrepreneurial alumni to each answer a single question that speaks to their experience and expertise.

In this first video, we asked Anand Sanwal W’97/ENG’97, CEO and Co-founder of CB Insights, to answer the question, “How do you see data influencing private markets?”