A Floor of Freshmen Entrepreneurs

By Antonio Menarde W’19/ENG’19

Editor’s note: Each year, Ware College House dedicates one floor to a special community: Penn freshmen with a passion for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We asked a student living on that floor now to describe what it’s like:

You would never guess that behind the extemporaneous dinosaur posters that cover our hall walls, one of the quirkiest (and best) idea incubators on campus is hard at work. I learned early on that there is no person you can meet at Penn who is not already friends with someone from our hall: the Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship program. Though we are known for being “hella tight”, the diversity of people, opinions, and ideas is the foundation of our community, and the reason a lot of people seem to know us.

Entrep floor 600 x 450 2
Members of the research, innovation, and entrepreneurship floor.

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