Never do a live demo! – We did.

Neuroflow cofounders Chris Molaro WG'17 and Adam Pardes GR'19, shortly before their pitch at SXSW.
Neuroflow cofounders Chris Molaro WG’17 and Adam Pardes GR’19, shortly before their pitch at SXSW.

By Christopher Molaro WG’17, Founder of NeuroFlow

Bill Gates famously crashed Windows 98 in a live demo.  In fact, there are numerous examples of such failures—no one is safe from a live demo disaster!  There is just so much that can go wrong that is out of your control, and if Murphy has anything to say about, he will make sure that if something can go wrong, it surely will.

The other week, the NeuroFlow team was headed to Austin, TX as we were accepted into the pitch competition at the SXSW Interactive Conference.  Two weeks before our trek to Texas, we were finalizing the specifics of the pitch—a pitch we have done for the last 10 months, probably hundreds of times, and were merely polishing.

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