Who Is The American Angel?

Angel investors—accredited individuals who collectively support the American startup industry with some $24 billion of capital per year – maintain diversified portfolios that represent roughly 5 percent of total held assets, with median investments of $25,000 per deal. The Angel Capital Association (ACA) and Wharton Entrepreneurship released these and other early insights from the ongoing “The American Angel” survey, which is designed to provide the deepest research to date into the characteristics of angel investors. The survey is open for more angels to participate.

Angel 630

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Get to Know a Wharton Prof: Ethan Mollick

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

In this series, Get to Know a Wharton Prof, we do brief interviews with our professors in order to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of these amazing scholars, teachers, and entrepreneurs. Today’s interviewee, Ethan Mollick, is a Professor of Management at Wharton. He studies innovation and entrepreneurship, and the ways in which an individual’s actions can affect firms and industries. He was named one of the “40 Most Outstanding Business School Professors Under 40.” Learn more about him here.

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$1000s in Free Market Research—At the Library!

By Cathy Ogur, Business Research Librarian at the Lippincott Library

Come see Cathy Ogur talk more about the amazing resources available to entrepreneurial Penn students at WE Weds, October 15, 12-1:20 pm, JMHH 265.

As an entrepreneur on campus, you will be impressed and excited by the types of resources the library provides. Are you looking for trade journals to read to develop ideas; industry research to learn about sectors; demographics databases to identify customers; company directories to create a list of possible competitors; financial benchmarks to draft projections; or deal summaries to understand the funding climate? The library can help! We strive to purchase resources used across academic and corporate settings, including more than 120 business related databases, most of which are available to students, faculty and staff of Penn with their PennKey and password, anywhere they have an internet connection, through the library website.

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