Deliveroo Tops Poets & Quants’ List Of MBA-Founded Startups

Deliveroo logo, founded by William Shu WG'12, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

Every year we wait to see which startups—and which schools—will find their way onto Poets & Quants’ list of Top MBA Startups, ranked by venture capital-backed funding. Only ventures launched within the past five years (2012-2016), by founders who graduated within those five years, qualify. This year’s big winner is Deliveroo, founded by Will Shu WG’12, with $474.59 million. Read more Deliveroo Tops Poets & Quants’ List Of MBA-Founded Startups

Bootstrapping? Invest In Your Employees

By Nigel Lobo W’08/WG’13, CEO and Founder of Quikchex

Quikchecks founder Nigel Lobo W'08/WG'13, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship

As the CEO of Quikchex, a 50 employee, 3 year old bootstrapped Payroll and HR Software startup, I sometimes find it difficult to relate to my fellow founders who have opted in for the VC funded path. Right from the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I made a conscious decision to avoid external funding as long as I could. Bootstrapping offers a number of obvious benefits, including greater control on the strategic trajectory of the company. Yet, bootstrapping also has significant drawbacks, the primary one of which is the ability to hire the best (aka most expensive) talent in the market. Read more Bootstrapping? Invest In Your Employees

5 Tips to Help You Raise a Seed Round

By Karthik Sridharan W’07/ENG’07, Co-founder and CEO of Kinnek

For first-time entrepreneurs, raising a seed round can seem like a daunting task.  We went through our own seed fundraise at Kinnek back in December 2012, so I know the difficulties firsthand.  While there’s of course no magic formula or trick that can guarantee you a successful fundraise, there are definitely certain things that helped us tremendously and I wish I had been aware of sooner.  I’ve detailed five tips below that I feel can definitely put you on advantageous footing when it comes to raising a seed round of financing:

Seed Image w attribution Read more 5 Tips to Help You Raise a Seed Round

Bringing Together the Venture Capitalist and the Entrepreneur: Management 804

By Will Mroz WG’15

In venture capital and entrepreneurship, you learn from experience and from others.  During MGMT 804: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management with lecturer Henry Han, I was able to sharpen my investing skills through extensive in class discussions, a term sheet negotiation simulation, and enriching readings.  Though the class is only a quarter long, I was able to dig deep into valuation, deal structuring, term sheet mechanics, due diligence frameworks, and fund arrangement.

huntsman-hall sm Read more Bringing Together the Venture Capitalist and the Entrepreneur: Management 804

Should An Entrepreneur Get An MBA?

Should An Entrepreneur Get An MBA?

By Eurie Kim WG’09, investor at Forerunner Ventures

When people ask me whether they should get an MBA if they want to start a company, I respond with: It depends. Do you already have an idea and a team? If not, what type of company do you want to start? Have you started a company before? What do you think you will get out of an MBA that you can leverage in the company building process? The answer to the question depends on where you’re starting from and where you’re trying to go.

Forerunner Ventures webpage2

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How to Approach VCs as a First-Time Entrepreneur

By David Klein, Wharton MBA alumnus, co-founder of CommonBond

When people ask me, “When is the right time to talk to VCs?” my answer is, “Yesterday.” Why? Because many entrepreneurs – especially first time entrepreneurs – never really feel “ready” to talk to VCs. “Everything has to be perfect… Results aren’t good enough yet… All ducks must be in a row.” Right? Wrong.

First Wharton borrowers - smaller
CommonBond’s first Wharton borrowers.

Read more How to Approach VCs as a First-Time Entrepreneur

Three Wharton Startups Enter the Shark Tank

By Matthew Brodsky, Editor, Wharton Magazine


Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on the Wharton Magazine blog. Zoobean’s Shark Tank episode has since aired. Watch it here (Zoobean runs 15:15-25:00, and it’s an exciting segment!) 

No matter what happens to Jordan Lloyd Bookey WG’07 and husband Felix Brandon Lloyd on Friday night on Shark Tank, they can at least have the consolation that they didn’t have to wait in endless lines to audition for ABC’s hit TV reality show. Although they nearly did. Read more Three Wharton Startups Enter the Shark Tank

Congratulations, Graduates!

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

Lane Rettig GraduationEvery year, Wharton Entrepreneurship goes through the bittersweet process of seeing our students graduate. We’ve watched them come up with a venture concept, do research, cold-call industry leaders,  write plans, change plans, find co-founders, chat up alumni, have disagreements with co-founders, scrap venture concepts completely come up with new ideas, plan these out based on better research with new partners, launch their business, raise funds, pivot… and on and on. The entrepreneurial life is one of many twists and turns, a unique journey for every person who engages in it. Read more Congratulations, Graduates!