Q&A with Prayas Analytics

Yash Kothari W’15 and Pranshu Maheshwari W’15/C’15 started their company, Prayas Analytics, out of their dorm room as undergrads at Wharton. Their software gives brick-and-mortar businesses the ability to test their stores, the way eCommerce companies test their websites. Flash forward to today and Prayas is now a part of this summer’s cohort at Y Combinator, the premier accelerator based in Mountain View, CA.

We caught up with Yash and Pranshu to talk more about their recent move to the West Coast, their influences, and what’s next for their company.

Yash Kothari W'15 and Pranshu Maheshwari W'15/C'15, Co-founders of Prayas Analytics.
Yash Kothari W’15 and Pranshu Maheshwari W’15/C’15, Co-founders of Prayas Analytics.

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