Thankful For A Toilet

By Nidhi Shah WG’17, Founder of RevoLOOtion


The revoLOOtion design.

This holiday, I am thankful that I have a toilet. It’s something we use every single day, and also something we take for granted. A toilet may seem like an odd thing to be thankful for until you consider that 2.5 billion people, or a third of the world, doesn’t have one. Suddenly, a toilet starts to feel like a luxury. The toiletless around the world have to rely on open defecation or unhygienic shared toilets. This leads to health issues like diarrhea as well as economic issues like loss of productivity. Women, children, and older people are most affected by this lack of private toilets.

Toilets we saw this summer while doing research.
Toilets we saw this summer while doing research.

revoLOOtion is working to solve this massive global sanitation crisis. We begin with urban families in India who live in high density informal settlements. Our product, a household-level, no-flush, composting toilet doesn’t require a water or sewage connection. This means customers can install it in the tightest of spaces and don’t require permission from landlords or neighbors to have one. We provide our customers a dignified sanitation experience which is clean, odorless, and well-lit. By being privately owned, our toilets avoid many of the problems that shared toilets face.

Nidhi ShahBio: Nidhi Shah is a 2nd year MBA student at Wharton also pursuing an MA in international studies through the Lauder Institute. She previously worked as a chemical engineer for four years before Wharton. Nidhi is passionate about solving sanitation based on her own personal experiences with poor toilets and waste treatment from growing up in Mumbai.