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By Vinay Mahadik WG’13, co-founder of Securly

I am a co-founder of Securly, a cloud-based service that keeps kids, schools and families safe online. This post is about our wonderful experience with the program so far – about half way into the yearlong program for founders chasing big ideas.

We got introduced to via Wharton while I was finishing up my Executive MBA at Wharton San Francisco. We applied to the $100K Competition, and were among the 10 startups that were selected (from a pool of over 500 who applied) for the first cohort. started by Michael Baum (WG ’89), the CEO and founder of the highly successful enterprise company and darling of many IT admins, Splunk. I still remember our face-to-face Skype presentation to My co-founder and I had boot-strapped Securly and were debugging a server crash when we jumped on a call with Michael. It was perhaps the least prepared presentation I have ever given simply given how long it had been since I had pitched the company. At the end of the essentially improvised pitch, Michael said something to the effect of, “your presentation could be better, but I believe in the problem and really love your solution.” It was a refreshing change from having pitched to investors who ask a company with two first-time entrepreneurs, with no sales background, but a $250K+ recurring revenue in six months to “try making your product viral first.”

Fast forward by a month, before the program even began, and stepped up to lead our seed funding with Capital, their fund focused on student founders.  This was in addition to the $100K grant prize we received from the competition. Michael also got on a call with other investors we had lined up to both accelerate the due diligence and serve as a reference. With the investment as a catalyst, Securly was able to go from being a boot-strapped startup to an over-subscribed $1M+ round within a month. We were able to attract investments from some Wharton professors, the New Schools Venture Fund and Imagine K-12 founders all of whom have been strong networks to have access to. isn’t a typical incubator or accelerator – it is a company building experience. The University program (of which we are now part) lasts an entire year.  We get an office hour every week with Michael and access several times a month to’s network of industry experts. The best part are the quarterly 3 day get togethers with all the other founder. It is clear that the University curriculum and program have not only shaped our company, but has also molded us into substantially better entrepreneurs. The program is extremely well thought through and executed upon. It is hard to believe that this is simply the first cohort.

The first quarter kickoff event was an entire day of immersion into the world of whole-brained thinking and high impact team building. This was a clear indicator of the kind of rigor the program exposes founders to. The hypothesis is that while a good product-market fit can easily get some early traction, it takes a lot of discipline to go from that early traction to a sustainable company with dozens of employees, all of whom collectively define the company. University kicks off with an in-depth HDBI assessment and follow-on consultation that allows the founders to build a strong founding team, and later on, an entire organization, that collectively uses the whole-brain thinking and decision making processes. This ties well into the subsequent “A-player hiring and management workshop” where we learned how we can systematically recruit A-players and develop powerful competitive advantage through hiring when most entrepreneurs only seek competitive advantage via product and strategy.

Right after the first quarter kickoff, all the companies got individual appointments with Ondi Timoner, a two-time Sundance Film Festival award winning film director and producer. Ondi and her team spent an afternoon interviewing and filming Securly at our offices along with the rest of our team. The goal has been to capture our entrepreneurial journeys so far in the form of a documentary and also allow us to use several of these video assets for our own marketing efforts.

We recently had our second quarter University event that covered all aspects of user experience, marketing and sales. After two years of MBA studies at a prestigious program, and having graduated from two well recognized accelerators/incubators, I thought I had seen it all. However, within a short period of time, we have seen immense value from mantras I had not picked up anywhere else – “Always be hiring”,  “Create a marketing-driven self-serve sales model”, “Create a vision of an alternate future that is uniquely possible only with your company” to name a few. Several of these strategies were covered at length by demand-generation, sales and positioning experts we get unlimited access to, not just at the events, but even as consultants or advisors afterwards. We have already consulted with Jef Bekes, a seasoned UX expert who helped shape the Splunk brand and product UI substantially and with pricing guru, Rich Mironov.

We pride ourselves on being part of the first cohort of the phenomenon – encouraging student entrepreneurs to dream of big ideas, helping them with seed-level financing, having experts spend 100+ hours of their time advising us, getting our team ready for a series-A funding, and eventually creating both economic value and jobs by becoming sustainable and thriving entities.  My co-founder and I have worked at large enterprises for about 10 years each. Today, within a short time, we have created high paying and rewarding jobs for seven additional founding team members of which two have received career/life changing breaks thanks to Securly and We are looking forward to the continued success of the mission.

Vinay photoBio: Vinay Mahadik WG’13 is the co-founder/CEO of Securly – a cloud-based service that keeps kids, schools and families safe online. He has over 10 years of experience in the network security space working most recently at McAfee as a senior R&D manager leading the next generation firewall, botnet and intrusion prevention teams and was the primary inventor on several patents there. He and his wife spend most of their free time traveling and running after their two year old. Vinay holds a masters in computer networking from NCState, and an MBA from The Wharton School.