The Great Eight

We are enormously excited to announce the Great Eight Finalists for the 2015-16 Wharton Business Plan Competition! Come see all of these teams pitch live, for over $125,000 in prizes, at the Venture Finals, Thursday, April 28. Register here.

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Barn Owl Systems
Team Leader: Josh Phifer WG’17
Team Members: Vincent Kuchar WG’17, Nichin Sreekantaswamy GEE’17, Chia-Wei Lin GEN’17, Hsu Shih-Yao GEN’16
For livestock ranchers who spend significant time and money monitoring resources over large areas, Barn Owl provides drone hardware and software for autonomous data gathering. Unlike existing drone systems, we provide long-range, autonomous platforms with imagery analysis tailored to ranchers needs.

BioCellection Inc.
Team Leader: Miranda Wang C’16
Team Members: Jeanny Yao; Alexander Simafranca C’18; Eric Friedman C’16; Daniel Chapman
Plastic pollution is a global crisis that threatens the lives of wildlife and the food safety for 4 billion people. BioCellection upcycles unrecyclable plastic waste into valuable compound rhamnolipid for textiles using genetically engineered bacteria. This invention has the potential to clean plastic pollution around the world, disrupt the textiles industry, and grow into a $100MM business in 5 years. Our vision is to turn a global crisis into an even greater opportunity.

Team Leader: Scott Elfenbein WG’17
Team Members: Michelle Xie WG’17; Sam DeLuccia GEN’17; Vijay Kalvakuntla WG’17; Chelsea Atkins C’16, Lily Kim WG’17, Sarah Bantz WG’16
brEDcrumb is the only college admission consulting platform that provides free, one-on-one, college mentoring online. We connect underserved high schoolers with undergraduates or recent graduates who have shared backgrounds. These “Role Models” knew how to get to college from a similar starting point and can now help their community even when they can’t be in their community.

Daylight OB, LLC
Team Leader: Neil Bansal WG’16
Team Members: Aaron Fisher WG’16; Eric Tepper C’17; Christina Wray M’17/WG’17; Liz Golden WG’16/GEN’17
Daylight OB, LLC is a medical device company developing technologies to improve health and safety in labor & delivery units. Our first device currently in development is a disposable obstetrics device, called Daylight, used to elevate a baby’s head to enable a safer, faster, and easier urgent cesarean section delivery.

Our Frontier Crowd
Team Leader: Greg Hagin WG’16 (WEMBA PHL)
Team Members: Aristide Toundzi WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); Robert Specht WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); William Chan WG’16 (WEMBA PHL); Nadir Bilici M’19
Our Frontier Crowd is the premiere residential real estate platform dedicated to investment opportunities in Africa. Our technology harnesses the insights of the crowd to connect African real estate developers and potential home buyers with foreign investors, who seek a chance to earn outstanding financial return and create measurable social impact.

Qorum, Inc.
Team Leader: Andrew Pietra WG’17
Team Members: Conner McNamara; Anna Nassery
Qorum is a mobile app providing discerning millennials a curated list of quality bars. After enjoying their final beverage, users hail a free ride home through the app.

Team Leader: Mengya Li WG’17
Team Member: Bowen Li
The QTEK team offers Surfion, a durable, safe, and effective chemical additive that could make any surface antibacterial and antifungal. Surfion is built into the end product, and will not wash off or wear away. Only one application of Surfion is needed to provide continuous self-decontamination protection over the lifetime of the product.

Team Leader: Jonathan Sockol W’09/WG’16
Team Members: Zach Hertzel; Mitch Brudy; Juliano DiSimone; Matt Wignall; Bobby Ren; Rick O’Brien
WeTrain is a proud Veteran-owned, fitness-technology company building the “Uber of Personal Training.” Every day, 700,000 training sessions are conducted in the US. Using our application, members request trainers for affordable sessions ($17/half hour or $25/full hour) AND we are able to pay trainers 30% more than the gym.

The 2015-2016 Venture Finals Judges

  • David Cohen (PAR’14/PAR’16/PAR’17), CEO, Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder, Karlin Asset Management, Inc.
  • Carol Curley (WG’81), Managing Director, Golden Seeds
  • Marc Lore (Wharton alum), Founder and CEO,
  • Richard Perlman (W’68), Founder & Executive Chairman, ExamWorks Group, Inc.
  • Stephen Tang (WG’92), President and CEO, University City Science Center
  • Tracey Weber (WG’95), Strategic Advisor, Gilt and Hudson’s Bay Company