VIP Gift Guide

By Nadine Kavanaugh, Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

Looking for the perfect present to give this holiday season? Want to support Penn entrepreneurs? Give a gift from one of our Venture Initiation Program companies! Or treat yourself…

VIP Gift Guide

Abaris: Does Mom or Dad need help buying annuities? Abaris makes researching annuities simple and affordable.

Ajax Adventure Camp: Does the winter school break have you thinking longingly of summer camp? Ajax already offers one terrific camp in Aspen, CO—and they’re looking to expand.

Blink: The perfect app for getting your friends together for a caroling party, or cup of wassail.

Barring Eyewear: Fabulous sunglasses, made from unusual materials like wood and leather, make Barring Eyewear a stylish stocking stuffer. Plus, they donate a portion of their revenue to “a noble cause.”  Now that’s festive.

BioBots: For the medical researcher in your life who wants to 3D print living tissues— Or for your niece, who might want a second stomach to put all those holiday cookies in.

Black Box Denim: We all know that off-the-rack jeans never fit quite right. Black Box Denim wants to get you into their custom jeans, in the style and wash of your choice, made to fit only you. For girls or guys.

Bungalow Insurance: What happens if a spark from the Yule Log jumps out of the hearth and sets everything you own on fire? You know you ought to have renter’s insurance, but you don’t. The holidays are a great time to be responsible, and Bungalow makes it easy to find the right policy for you.

Curbside Care: The weather outside is frightful, but you need medical care! Curbside Care has got you covered, with actual house calls from their team of healthcare providers.

Dosed: Those tempting holiday treats can make managing diabetes extra difficult. Dosed is an app that helps you get an insulin report tailored to only you, once you tell it how many cookies you snuck.

Fever Smart: The elf on the shelf may know if your kid’s naughty or nice, but Fever Smart tells you if they’re sick or well, using a smart patch thermometer and an app that lets you monitor your child’s temperature from anywhere in the world.

Funnel: Read your holiday ecards on the go with this efficient app.

GameQ: For the gamer in your life, this handy app lets them spend more time gaming, less time waiting.

GenHERation: Can female empowerment fit in a stocking? Probably not, but GenHERation promotes leadership for high school girls all through the year.

Goods of Record: If your best guy loves USA-made, independently crafted awesome stuff, from gorgeous wallets to perfect man-bags, then Goods of Record is where you should be shopping.

iEliteForum: The gift of learning is what iEliteForum can provide, with live and online tutoring.

Just Print It: The broken part to that favorite toy, a unique ornament, or especially the essential piece for your boat. Whatever you need custom printed, Just Print It can, well, just print it.

LaunchQuad: All you want for Christmas this year is to be connected to your campus entrepreneurial community. Fortunately, LaunchQuad has you covered.

Litmus Scientific: Does your favorite scientist need a hand finding the best tools for her experiments? LitmusScientific can help, at the holiday season and all year round.

LIVEalpha: Even Santa can’t help international students get loans to attend school in the US, but LIVEalpha can.

Mixter: Being lonely at the holidays is the worst. Mixter is the fun way to date—with your friends.

My Best Friend’s Weekend: You can’t even plan a holiday lunch for the office, but your bestie’s getting married. Give yourself the gift of help with the bachelorette planning process.

MYKTUP: Don’t you hate it when you can’t hear that expensive caroler you hired? MYKTUP solves your microphone issues.

Navigation Health: Not just any trip this holiday season: Medical tourism. Navigation Health can help.

Oncora Medical: When your loved one has cancer, the holidays are blue. Oncora makes their care more effective and efficient. Sometimes that’s the best gift of all.

Pragma Retail: Holiday travel can be a drag. Pragma makes it easier, with stylish, wrinkle-resistant women’s clothing. Even if you’re stuck in the airport, you’re gonna look good.

Prayas Analytics: Did the Friday after Thanksgiving put your favorite retailer in the black? Prayas Analytics can help improve the customer experience for brick-and-mortar retailers.

SkyRoc: For the math buff (or the struggling student), an app that can solve and explain math problems with the snap of a picture.

SleepTailor: Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone was sleeping extremely well on their personalized SleepTailor mattresses.

StageStream: The theatre fan in your life will love this pass to stream shows from around the globe.

Tesorio: Companies can get in the holiday spirit on Tesorio and help finance each other’s day-to-day capital needs. While making money themselves, of course.

The Joint Effort Corporation: If Grandma needs a hip replacement to make this a happy holiday, then the Joint Effort Corporation can help.

The Rent Scene: Need a new place to hang your stocking? The Rent Scene will help you find and rent your dream apartment.

ThirdEye: Helping the blind to see may sound like a holiday miracle, but it’s actually a clever plan to use Google Glass to convert whatever the person is looking at into speech.

Vendri: Without ads, how would you know what gifts to buy? Vendri makes sure that your ad gets to any browser or mobile device.

Vyrtex: Content junkies need presents, too. Give them Vyrtex, and help them discover all the content they could ever want.

XMiles: Got extra miles? Sell them and use the profits to buy gifts! Or buy someone else’s miles to get a cheaper ticket, and fly home for the holidays.


Or you could give the greatest gift of all, and give to Wharton Entrepreneurship or to the program that gave the most to you, the Business Plan Competition, the Venture Initiation Program, or the Wharton Venture Award.