Warby Parker Returns To Philly

Warby Parker glasses at the new Philly store

Last night, we were delighted to attend the opening party celebrating Warby Parker‘s Philadelphia retail store (1523 Walnut Street; opening to the public on Saturday, January 28). Warby Parker got its start right here at Wharton, when four MBA students got together over a beer and started to wonder why glasses were so expensive. We’re proud to say that Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship helped them every step of the way.

We’re thrilled that Philly has its very own retail store–although we reminded cofounders Neil Blumenthal WG’10 and Dave Gilboa WG’10 that this is in fact their second retail location in Philadelphia. The first was Neil’s apartment at 20th and Walnut.

The store itself is gorgeous, and like all Warby Parker stores, unique:

Warby Parker Philadelphia store opening party

It had all the fun quirks we’ve come to expect and love from a Warby Parker store:IMG_0909

We got to see some old friends:

Claire Leinweber and Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker founder
Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Managing Director Clare Leinweber and Neil Blumenthal WG’10, Cofounder of Warby Parker.

And greet some newer ones:

Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett and Warby Parker Cofounders Neil Blumenthal WG'10 and Dave Gilboa WG'10.
Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett (center) with Warby Parker Cofounders Neil Blumenthal  WG’10 (left) and Dave Gilboa WG’10 (right).

We’re so happy to have Warby Parker back home in Philly. We recommend that you head over to the store soon; there are limited edition glasses that are only available at the Philly store, and they might just be perfect for you.