Welcome to New Wharton SBDC Director Celeste Corrado

By Clare Leinweber WMP’05/GR’14, Managing Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

I am delighted today to welcome Celeste Corrado as the new Director of the Wharton Small Business Development Center (SBDC)! Celeste was appointed after an extensive search by a committee of leaders from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Entrepreneurship, and the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center. She brings to her new role over 20 years of professional experience in consulting, innovation, strategy, and education.

Celeste with Ben 600x450As Director of the Wharton SBDC, Celeste will set the strategic direction for the Center, support regional start-ups and high growth companies in their business development, manage all aspects of client recruitment, design student consultant training and education, collaborate with the Pennsylvania SBDC lead office on statewide goals, and spearhead grant administration, fundraising and regional stakeholder outreach and communication.

Karl Ulrich, our Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is particularly pleased to have Celeste here: “Celeste Corrado’s experience managing complex and challenging projects is perfectly suited to the role of Wharton SBDC director. We are delighted that local businesses and the Wharton student consultants assisting them will benefit from Celeste’s leadership.”

Prior to arriving at Wharton, Celeste ran her own consulting practice, Vizeon Solutions. Previous to Vizeon she was employed by Lockheed Martin as Senior Strategy & Innovation Lead for New Ventures where she was responsible for launching and leading a commercial venture incubator.  Celeste has also served as an instructor at George Washington University.  Celeste holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and an MS in Information Systems from Drexel University.

I know I keep saying it, but this really is an exciting time for entrepreneurship at Wharton, and across the University of Pennsylvania. Celeste’s appointment is part of that excitement. We will miss former SBDC Director Therese Flaherty tremendously and celebrate her fifteen plus years of accomplishments.  We are also grateful for the work of Interim Director, Erin McGowan, who has recently managed Center operations.  Now we are eager to enter a new chapter at Wharton and see Celeste’s unique impact on the SBDC.