Wharton Effect: Caren Sinclair-Kay

Editor’s note: This post was previously published by Wharton Magazine.

Watch technology entrepreneur, executive and advisor Caren Sinclair-Kay WG’95 share her story of how Wharton transformed her life.

The moment that entrepreneurship “came to light” for her happened during a Wharton MBA course with Professor Len Lodish in Israel, where she and her classmates worked on a two-way paging technology. Their assignment: devise a market-entry strategy around the technology for a completely new market segment. (Lodish now serves as Samuel R. Harrell Emeritus Professor and leader and co-founder of the Global Consulting Practicum.)

After that course and other entrepreneurship classes, she came to believe she would become an entrepreneur in her future.

“After being at Wharton and gaining the confidence and the courage to succeed, as well as fail, I plunged into entrepreneurship, and it’s certainly been an interesting, rewarding yet challenging road,” she says.