Wharton Entrepreneurship Snider Seed Award Winners for Spring 2013 Announced!

By Clare Leinweber, Senior Associate Director, Wharton Entrepreneurship

Wharton Entrepreneurship is proud to announce that Snider Seed Awards for the spring semester were granted recently to Wharton Venture Initiation Program members in Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The Snider Seed Award provides up to $2,500 in seed capital to University of Pennsylvania students in the Wharton Venture Initiation Program (VIP) to assist them in the venture development process. The awards are given as grants, with Wharton Entrepreneurship taking no equity in the student companies.  To receive an award, student program members must meet eligibility criteria: membership in VIP for at least one semester; making significant progress on the venture; and being regular contributors to the student entrepreneurial community.

Award winners for the spring semester are:






Dan Fine (W’15), founder of Glass-U.

Glass-U produces custom folding sunglasses targeted at fans, students, or anyone who wants to look good!





Dorie Golkin (WG’13) and Emelyn Northway (WG’13), who co-founded Of Mercer.

Dorie and Emelyn met at Wharton and launched the business to create a women’s fashion brand that designs stylish, feminine workwear for modern professional women.








Parry Bedi (WG’12) and Sami Kaipa (WG’12), co-founders of SocialGlimpz.

Embracing the evolving consumer and technical landscape, SocialGlimpz delivers a dynamic question/answer platform that makes the gathering of insightful market data simple, social and instantaneous.