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30 minute sessions

4 types of experts

Open to ALL Current Penn Students

Appointments available through the academic year

Need guidance with your idea? Make an appointment with one of our experts

Start Here Mondays

Learn about our programs from the staff who manage them.

Legal Experts

Meet with experts in law, intellectual property, entity formation, and venture capital.

Student Experts

Meet with students experts in tech and design.

Haft Entrepreneur in Residence

Meet one-on-one with an alumni entrepreneur.

Experts Available

  • Start Here Mondays: Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship staff, offering guidance on our programs and your entrepreneurial path
  • Legal Experts: Practical advice and assistance from student and professional experts
    • Law: Local lawyers will offer guidance on what legal steps you need to take next
  • Student Experts:
    • Schedule a one-on-one session with a student EIR for top-notch expertise that can propel your startup forward! Our student EIRs specialize in working with early-stage founders like you and are eager to contribute experience in product management, web and app design, software engineering, data science, and entrepreneurship. EIRs have worked at companies like Google, Wealthfront, Atlassian, True Ventures, and venture-backed startups. They’re keen to offer their expertise to YOUR startup for FREE! Meet with an EIR to set, meet, and complete your technical and design goals–they can even take discrete projects up to 5 hours in time.
  • Haft Entrepreneur in Residence: Every year, we bring successful entrepreneurs to campus for you to talk with one-on-one, behind closed doors. Kunal Bahl, ENG’06, W’06, founder of Snapdeal, called them “God’s gift to entrepreneurs.”
  • Subject Experts:
    • Research: Wharton’s Lippincott Librarian Mia Wells will help you use the amazing resources available at this major research institution to do customer, industry, or any other kind of research. Databases that cost thousands of dollars to access once you graduate are free while you’re a student, and Mia knows how to use them all.  Book an appointment with her here.
    • Communications: Taylor Durham, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s Associate Director of Communications & Wharton Communications Program Lecturer, will help you hone your pitch, write your company description, create taglines, craft a marketing plan, and more
  • Lunch & Learn: Can’t get a one-on-one appointment with our Entrepreneurs or Lawyers?  Sign up for a lunch & learn session.  We provide the food and you can chat with our experts and up to 6 fellow students.  These sessions tend to be less intimidating and it can also be useful to learn from the questions that your peers ask!

“It was an awesome opportunity to reconnect, to give back a little, and honestly, I’m personally motivated by meeting with these students.”

Since its inception in the Fall of 2001, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s Entrepreneur in Residence program has provided over 1700 Penn students with the unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with over 170 successful entrepreneurs. This one-of-a-kind mentoring program is a fabulous complement to classroom learning, a great benefit and resource for students, and a wonderful source of engagement for entrepreneurs.

We are grateful to Robert M. Haft, W’74 for his contribution to the Entrepreneur in Residence program.

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