Student Experts in Residence


Vishnu Rachakonda ENG’18, GEN’20

Personal Website:

Bio: Worked with 60+ companies through EIR! Skills include connecting resources on campus, developing + testing early-stage product theses, working with non-technical founders, connecting startups to outside assistance, strong background in healthcare, biotech, and frontier-tech startups.

Rohini Gooptu

Rohini Gooptu C’20

Bio: Technically grounded engineer with startup experience. Extensive range of skills include web app development focused on backend; server-side/databases, building Android mobile apps from scratch including designing product and basic design of web applications. Comfortable across a range of technologies such as web (Javascript – NodeJS + Express, Python + Django), mobile (Android), databases (MongoDB + DynamoDB (NoSQL), MySQL, SQLite) and analytics (Python, R).


Arun Kirubarajan ENG’21

Bio: Machine learning (NLP) researcher and software engineer. Previous startup founder, technical background with early stage companies. Experience with PyTorch, Tensorflow, Node.js, React, Django, and SQL.


Duong Nguyen W’19

Personal Website:

Bio: Creative builder with experience at Google and SaaS startup Siftery. Skills include developing products from scratch (native mobile apps and web apps), designing products (wireframe and prototype), SEO & SEM, branding and graphic design.

Anirudh Viswanathan_Wharton

Anirudh Viswanathan WG’22

Bio: Roboticist, with experience designing computer-vision systems for self-driving cars, broadly interested in early-stage technology ventures. Skills include rapid prototyping of AI-centric products, competitive analysis for new ventures, and independent due-diligence for investments.

tiffany (1)

Tiffany Yue ENG’19, GEN’20

Personal Website:

Bio: Past founder with technical and design experience. Skills include UI/UX/interaction design, web app development, branding & graphic design, rapid prototyping (sketch models, laser cutting, 3D printing)