Fabio Fleitas ENG’16, at Tesorio in Philadelphia, PA

2014-2015 Ambassador of Entrepreneurship

Neff Entrepreneurial Intern Fellow

Internship at Tesorio
How did you find you position?
Carlos Vega and I first met November 2013 during a networking session for EAS 590 course at Penn. Although Carlos did not take the class, we spoke about helping on his startup. After helping out during the spring semester, he offered me an opportunity to intern at Tesorio during the summer.
What was your motivation for working at a startup this summer?
Coming to Penn, I knew I wanted to build a startup and I thought this would be a great experience for me, since I would be helping directly in an early stage startup and learn a lot.
What advice would you give students interested in working at a startup this summer?
There are a lot of startups in Philadelphia that are really awesome and most students aren’t aware. I would recommend students take time to look at the opportunities that are available right here near Penn.

Coming to Penn, I knew I wanted to build a startup. Since Wharton was right there, I thought I could work with talented business students while I built the tech. When EAS 590 – Commercializing Software was having networking sessions to find teammates to build a startup in the class, I immediately went. That is where I first met Carlos Vega. After chatting at the event, we decided to have another meeting to talk about helping out at the startup during the school year. After helping out at his startup for the spring semester, he offered me an internship to continue working during the summer and I accepted.
The internship was amazing. Since the team was so small, I was able to really wear multiple hats and experience the whole startup environment. Although my focus was on programming the platform, I would sometimes go to meetings with Carlos and see more than just the tech side of Tesorio. The summer was exciting because Tesorio had its first client. The weeks leading up to this were very intense; we worked a lot to make the platform usable for the first set of
customers. We had several meetings with the client and ran some demos of the platform. After the client approved the platform and our method of inviting its suppliers, it was time. We sent out invitations to join Tesorio to several suppliers and now our product was out in the world. Sending out the invitations was both exciting and nerve wrecking; users will be using the platform which I helped build.
The technical, business, and startup experience I gained at Tesorio during the summer aligned with my goals to build my own startup. The greatest part of all is that after my internship, Carlos and I spoke about continuing work during my school year and we then spoke about adding me as a co-founder going forth. I really loved the startup and the people there, and since I’ve always wanted to build my own startup, I thought it would be great to continue working on Tesorio as a co-founder. Now we’re in the middle of raising money for the startup and I’m extremely happy to have had the opportunity over the summer and to continue working here. I’m grateful for this opportunity as am I now living my dream at Penn.