How do I apply to VIP-C?

In order to apply to VIP-C, you will need:

wep_vipC_colorFounder Resume(s): 1-page resume for each founder of the venture (pdf).

Video Venture Pitch:  We do not expect professional-quality videos. The video can be an elevator pitch or simply a description in your own words of your venture.  Please make sure that the video is set to public, and therefore viewable by our selection committee.  Videos that are set to private or password protected cannot be seen (2 minutes max).

Venture Pitch Deck (pdf, 12 slides max):

  1. Company Purpose: Company name, short description, website (if available), mission, and vision
  2. Problem & Solution: Why now, why you?   
  3. Market: Total available market; target market segment (your market entry point)
  4. Competitors: Identify your primary competitors; what is your key competitive position?
  5. Customer Profile: Who are your customers, decision-makers, end users, and influencers?
  6. Product Positioning: How do you differentiate your offering for your target market?
  7. Market Strategy: How do you acquire customers? How do you plan to retain and grow your customer base?
  8. Team: Who are your current team members? Who do you still need on your team?
  9. Revenue Streams: Revenues to date (if available)
  10. Cost Structure: Provide details  (if available)
  11. In your own words, describe your biggest three accomplishments to date
  12. Objectives: Provide details on what your top milestones  are for the next four months.

Once you have these items prepared, you’re ready to apply! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Questions about VIP-C? Sign up for a Start Here Monday session with a member of our knowledgeable staff, or email Valentina Goutorova.