Mary Whiting W’19 interned at WeTrain in Philadelphia, PA

2016 Startup Internship Award Winner Supported by the Rosalind (WG’76) and Roy (WG’76) Neff Entrepreneurial Internship Fund

My experience at WeTrain has been energizing! I started my journey with WeTrain in January of 2016 and have loved seeing the company grow and succeed ever since. WeTrain was co-founded by Jonathan Sockol who graduated from Wharton with an MBA this spring. This summer I was fortunate to be one of their full-time interns, working on a variety of projects and learning how to expand a small business into a successful enterprise.

My official title at WeTrain is “Marketing and Social Media Intern.” This means I work on posts for the WeTrain Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages as well as blog content on the website I quickly learned that posting high quality, eye-captivating content is not the singular most important part of developing media content online. The marketing team captain, Mitch Brudy, helped teach me about SEO—search engine optimization—which is crucial to success in order to improve the “searchability” of the WeTrain site on engines such as Google. To improve our SEO scores I learned how to manage the ‘behind the scenes’ on the website, creating SEO titles for photos, naming and attaching text, descriptions, alternate descriptions, slugs, and keywords to photos in order to optimize our discoverability. Additionally, I learned how to write blog content in order to improve keyword matches according to Google analytics. I learned the importance of quantity, in addition to quality, and how to assess our social media impact over time.

Throughout the summer I began taking on more roles within the company. Once I learned more about company policies, I started working in the Client Care department. This meant that I worked on calling our clients to set up their profiles with WeTrain, scheduling their sessions online, and managing their questions and concerns. I also worked heavily on generating leads in order to boost the number of clients and WeTrain memberships sold weekly. I began designing flyers to hand out to small businesses in the Philly area and contacted numerous corporations in the Philly area in order to develop partnerships as well as spread awareness of WeTrain. I loved performing client-facing jobs as I discovered that our users are ecstatic about their training experiences at WeTrain and I was motivated to make sure that I could help it succeed in every way possible.

I gained a lot of knowledge and continue to learn at WeTrain, but I would like to share some highlights from my summer experience. I loved getting to know the amazing group of people at WeTrain—they truly put the “We” in WeTrain, with nothing but love for each of their team members. I very much enjoyed starring in some of their photo shoots and video content for social media pages. I also enjoyed setting up events in popular Philly parks and being able to act as though I am a personal trainer when I wear the WeTrain shirts! All in all, it has been a wonderful summer with WeTrain and I am looking forward to seeing the company continue to take over the fitness world. Remember to book your personal training session—anytime, any place—with WeTrain today!


How did you find the position? (i.e., cold calling, MBACM, PennLink, etc.)

I actually found the position for WeTrain listed on (filtered jobs in my nearby area) and I noticed that it was founded by a Wharton student—which enticed me to apply.

What was your motivation for working at a startup this summer? (i.e., industry experience, experience to leverage for own start-up, career changer, etc.)

I have always thought of myself as an extremely driven, yet highly creative person which is what lead me to entrepreneurship. I had done networking with large financial corporations and banks and decided that I really wanted to give the startup world a try instead. In the future, I would love to start my own business and I knew that working at such a startup would provide me valuable knowledge to use in my future endeavors.

What advice would you give to students interested in working at a startup this summer?

I highly suggest it. Working at a startup is not only a fun environment, due to the nature of the close knit community of workers (since the numbers are small), but you learn valuable information for your own using (what to do and what you might avoid when starting a business) that you otherwise would not have discovered. Additionally, choosing a startup that you’re really passionate about allows you feel fulfilled and excited when you see your direct work paying off in front of your eyes!