Nat Turner, Wharton Undergrad ’08


Nat met Josh Kopelman, W’93 and Founder of and First Round Capital, at the Entrepreneur in Residence Program.

A 30-minute meeting as a freshman transformed Nat’s career, leading first to a summer internship with First Round Capital, and later to an internship with a portfolio company. A Startup Internship Award, earned his sophomore year, provided financial support over the summer during that internship.

As a student, Nat explored many venture concepts landing on what eventually grew into InviteMedia.

A Summer Venture Award funded Nat so he could develop his business idea over the summer of his junior year. Josh Kopelman continued as an advisor and mentor and became the first investor in Nat and InviteMedia, creating a platform for display media trading. In 2008 Nat graduated with a Specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

In 2010, Google acquired InviteMedia for $81M.

Nat stayed on at Google for two years, integrating his company into the DoubleClick division of the web giant.

In 2012, Nat founded his new venture, Flatiron Health.

Yet again, First Round Capital is an investor, now joined by Google Ventures, which invested $130M in 2014 (its largest medical software deal yet). Nat is working to help cure cancer, partnering with cancer centers to organize the world’s oncology data in order to accelerate research and optimize treatment.

Today, Nat is an ardent supporter of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s programs, providing guidance, advice, & support to young entrepreneurial-minded students.

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