Riad Hamade C’17 ENG’17 interned at SNOWE in New York, NY

2016-17 Startup Internship Award Winner  supported by the Rosalind WG’76 and Roy WG’76 Neff Entrepreneurial Internship Fund

SNOWE is an e-commerce platform that sells luxury homeware products in four categories: Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe. Most products are sourced in Portugal and Italy, and made with thoughtful yet simple design. I worked for SNOWE this summer as an Operations and Business Development Intern. My time at Snowe has been empowering, rewarding, and worthwhile. Over the summer, our sales rapidly grew by more than 200%, which created many exciting challenges.

I spent part of my time at the SNOWE warehouse, co-leading operations and fulfillment efforts during a dynamic high-growth phase. Our team conducted weekly error analysis, optimized packaging time and costs, streamlined fulfillment process, created system to manage backorders and owned space management. From a customer experience standpoint, we ensured retention on backordered customers, driving an increase in revenues.

At the Whitespace, I worked on analyzing the costs associated with each item, and revising the margins on all products.  This required data collection efforts, setting assumptions, and communicating with suppliers. Those costs vary due to different parameters related to the season, the total size of inbound shipment, import taxes, etc. This information helps devising cost-cutting strategies and opportunities for growth.

On the business development side, I helped launched new business partnership initiatives with a major registry service and an affiliate platform. I had the opportunity to develop targeted channels to increase site, product and registry reviews. Here, I worked with the tech team to develop the coded templates for e-mail campaigns and the technicalities of integration with partners.

My SNOWE experience was unique. I worked with an excellent team of smart, supportive and creative members. We all believed in the SNOWE brand, and worked together to ensure the growth of the startup. I want to thank Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship for making this opportunity possible for me!