Sally Zhao (W’12) interned at wekadoo, in Houston, TX.


Wharton Entrepreneurship Advisory Board Intern Fellowship recipient:

This past summer, I worked for Werkadoo, which is a technology start-up – its pitch is that it’s the “eHarmony for Business.”  It’s a freelance job website that matches applicants to positions: professionals upload their resume and then fill out a professional dimension survey (i.e. do you like long-term projects?  Short-term projects?  Under what management structure do you work?), and companies fill out a survey where they rank which dimensions are most important (i.e. autonomy, quality, etc.), and then based off of that, professionals get matched to jobs.


At Werkadoo, I was the social media / marketing intern, and what was unique about working here was that I had no marketing budget.  Thus, what I ended up doing was utilizing all of the social media tools I had available and planning webinars and going to technology conferences all over Texas in order to spread word about Werkadoo. Before I interned here, I absolutely loathed Twitter – and now, it’s become one of my favorite tools to catch up on news and up-to-date stories.  What Werkadoo was able to teach me surpasses what I would have learned had I worked at an established firm – I was able to work directly under the CEO and develop tactics and strategies that would be utilized and implemented for the well-being of the company.


Working at Werkadoo was absolutely an eye-opening experience.  In my personal opinion, Werkadoo should be featured on a Bravo TV show centered on start-ups. We had co-founders leaving, outsourced development teams “firing” us as clients, legal issues when the ex-co-founder sued, etc.  It definitely was an experience.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I was able to surround myself with entrepreneurs who were cutting-edge and really represented the new age of thinking.  From constantly utilizing Skype as our communication source to working remotely from different cities, working at Werkadoo has let me venture into the entrepreneurial field, if only for a summer.


I found this internship through googling “start-up marketing Houston”, and it was the second search I found.  I called them up, and then the rest was history.  The fact that I would be able to work in a marketing role was what solidified my decision to work for Werkadoo.


My advice – do it.  Don’t think too much into your decision because what you experience out of working for a start-up is something that you would not get working anywhere else.  I was able to make decisions that were implemented in hours, I was able to work directly with the CEO, but most importantly, I was able to work as a jack of all trades for the company.  I was the intern for everyone – and you will never get that from working for a Fortune 500 company.