Sean Moran WG’15, at Circle Internet Financial in Boston, MA

Circle2014-2015 Neff Entrepreneurial Intern Fellow

How did you find the position?
My former colleague (Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners) introduced me to Circle’s Founder/CEO.

What was your motivation for working at a start-up this summer?
I wanted to move from the early stage investing side to the operating side and build skills as part of a product team. More than that, though, I was driven by my interest in bitcoin and the fundamental opportunity of digital currency to redefine what money is and should be.

What advice would you give to students interested in working at a start-up this summer?
Follow your passion. The best startups get inundated by people looking to join their teams. It is obvious to them who really gets what they are doing and who doesn’t, as well as who would be a good fit and who wouldn’t. Students can stand out by doing the job they are seeking before they meet the company.

When I started in May, Circle was approximately 25 people and in September it is closer to 40 people. At the end of the summer, I accepted an offer to continue working part-time on the product team through the end of the year. My main focus has been customer onboarding, engagement, and growth. The product team works closely with Circle’s engineering and design teams in order to deliver a high quality consumer experience.