Snider Center Venture Consulting (SCVC) offers semester-based consulting engagements in which teams of Wharton students conduct research, interviews, and analysis to make strategic recommendations for our clients. 

Client application for Spring 2020 semester is closed.


  • Our clients are businesses from startup to maturity looking for insights to accelerate and support growth.
  • SCVC consults for clients in a wide range of industries from technology to consumer to manufacturing.
  • A unifying feature of our clients is that we search for high potential clients where our work can have an impact.


  • SCVC consultants are MBA and undergraduate students at The Wharton School who participate as employees of the Snider Center.
  • From the pool of talented Wharton students, SCVC rigorously screens candidates to find the best consultants for our program.
  • After each project’s scope is defined, the consulting team is selected from our pool of consultants to match their skills and experience to our client’s needs.
Each consulting team is supported by an experienced student Engagement Manager and a Program Director with a professional consulting background.


  • The scope of each project is tailored to the specific context and challenges faced by each client.  Frequently, projects focus on some aspect of go-to-market strategy, which can include anything from product design and product/market fit to sales and distribution.  Other projects focus on financial questions such as financial projections, cash flow management, or preparing financials for a pitch deck.  Another category of projects includes addressing operational challenges such as supply chain management or scalable staffing models. Each project receives an average of 200 consulting hours.
  • SCVC projects are designed to strike a balance that minimizes the management burden for our clients while allowing for enough interaction between the client and consulting team to ensure a successful project that provides pragmatic, actionable recommendations.  SCVC assumes management responsibility for the team through a robust infrastructure that enables each team to hit the ground running and ensures quality deliverables.
  • Before a project begins, we work with the client to define the project scope and deliverables, which are spelled out in a signed letter of engagement.  The project is organized around three major meetings: a kickoff meeting, midpoint presentation, and final presentation.  Between the major meetings, the consulting team and client hold a weekly check-in call to ensure continued alignment.  When appropriate, the consulting team also conducts a site visit to better understand the client context.


  1. Projects for Spring 2020 will be determined on rolling basis until we are at capacity for the semester.
  2. Projects start early February and wrap up in late April.   Selection of clients is typically competitive, with more clients applying than can be served each semester.
  3. By submitting an application, you are acknowledging that if selected you will be responsible for the program fee of $5000.


Prior to submitting an application, please email to arrange a short phone discussion of your interest.

Questions, contact Erin McGowan at