Our MBA and undergraduate consultants excel in conducting research, interviews, and analysis. Our consultants are rigorously screened, hired for multiple semesters, and receive upfront training and ongoing support.


Snider Business Building Consultants, 2021 Fall

Samir LI

Samir GuptaConsultant

Kelvin LI

Kelvin Tanatsa KamhungaConsultant

Mackenzie LI

Mackenzie LaudelConsultant

Rick LI

Rick Rasco • Alumnus / Advisor


David SilbersteinAlumnus / Advisor

Anirudh LI

Anirudh SinghMentor

Tracy LI

Tracy VuConsultant

Matthew LI

Matthew WeinsierConsultant

Sam LI

Samuel YoungConsultant

Snider Growth Consultants, 2021 Fall

Mark Blekherman

Mark BlekhermanConsultant

Samar photo

Samar Chandel • Consultant

Chen LI

Chen ChenConsultant

Lynn LI

Lynn ChenConsultant

Kevin Deng

Kevin DengEngagement Manager

Matt LI

Matthew Greskoff • Consultant

Katherine LI

Katherine Han • Consultant

Ahmed LI

Ahmed IbrahimConsultant

Tae LI

Taeheon JeongConsultant 

Kassidy LI

Kassidy Johnson • Engagement Manager

Will LI

William Kimball • Consultant

Miguel LI

Miguel LacayoEngagement Manager

Rachit LI

Rachit Mohan • Engagement Manager

Raj LI

Raj Patel • Consultant

Brent LI

Brent Perlman • Consultant

Megha Raman

Megha Raman Consultant

Shiva LinkedIn photo

Shiva Teerdhala • Consultant

Jay Yang

Jay Yang • Consultant

Mia LI

Mia YangConsultant

Katie LI

Yunge (Katie) Zhang • Consultant

The consultants assigned to our projects were of the quality that you would get from the top consulting firms. The team was a great partner and were able to make an impact in a short period of time.

– Raymond Lee, CEO, Careerminds

The consultants were very professional and effective. They were committed to the projects and exceeded my expectations.

– Andrew Tsourkas, AlphaThera, LLC


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