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April 27, 2018

Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Startup Challenge Semifinalist Collecto

Collecto is an online luxury retailer that offers an unparalleled gifting experience through distinctive product curation, exceptional gift presentation and bespoke customer service.

How did you come up with this idea?

I’ve had a passion for entrepreneurship since I was very young, instilled in me by my parents who are entrepreneurs themselves. Collecto was born from a combination of passion and need – passion for luxury and design, and need for an exceptional gifting experience. I have always given importance to the details – they are what differentiates a standard from an extraordinary experience! In the world of architecture, it’s about the design of the window finishes, in the world of fashion, it’s about the flawlessness of the seams. Very few times have I received a gift that made an impact when I received it. In the world of gifting, the distinctiveness of a gift is not only in the uniqueness of the item, but also in the details of the presentation – the perfection of the ribbon, the textures and design of the wrapping, the calligraphy of the letter…

How will your venture change the world?

Our mission is to create a high-touch gifting experience that will bring people closer together. With the advent of social media, relationships are increasingly being nurtured via these platforms instead of traditional methods such as personal visits and phone calls. In this ever-increasing impersonal world, people will find value in the act of gift-giving to break this pattern.

On the other hand, we want to empower small luxury brands to be discovered. We will work with emerging designers that have limited resources and capabilities to grow their brands, and enable them to build an online presence.

Collecto is also a Spring 2018 member of VIP-X. Read Federika’s VIP-X profile!

Collecto - Federika


Federika Longinotti-Buitoni, WG’18


  • Federika learned three languages by the age of five (Spanish with her mother, Italian with her father and English in school). However, she was not as skilled in other extracurricular activities. She was asked not to come back to ballet class due to her poor performance and lack of discipline.

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