Startup Challenge Semifinalist: HopJob

HopJob high resolusion final
HopJob - Team Pic

Team Leader:
Vaibhav Khamesra, WG’18
Team Members:
Gabriel Cantu, WG’18
Feym Fliegner, WG’18

elevator pitch: HopJob is a service platform that matches untapped part-time labor supply with peak workforce demand in real-time. For employers, HopJob comes with an access to thousands of verified part-time worker profiles that match the skills and experience expectations and enables instant cost-effective fulfillment of short-term needs.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
HopJob was inspired by consulting projects our Founder and CEO did with a focus in labor force optimization. After countless analysis on KPIs and benchmarks, the optimal staffing would be defined to two decimal places, and then typically, the client would round it down since there is no such thing as 0.22 of a store employee. The result was dozens of needed employees left without a job.

How will your venture change the world?
As the underemployment rate in the US labor market increases, HopJob will provide flexible employment opportunities to part-time and underemployed full-time workers looking for additional income and enabling a more secure and financially stable future. Unlike other gig-economy solutions that groom cab drivers or other undifferentiated roles, we believe in nurturing and developing a skilled workforce that is a differentiated asset and is able to earn a much higher wage compared to their previous avatars. HopJob is particularly unique in its approach to provide Hoppers with opportunities to develop their professional experience in pursuit of full-time employment in the future. Our platform will also expand the US workforce to groups that have traditionally had difficulty finding employment – semi-skilled workers, young mothers, vets and legal immigrants to name a few.

Fun Facts:

  • Apart from HopJob, our founder “Feym” has a successful part-time fashion modeling career, and he hopes that one day he will find his routine short-term assignments via HopJob.
  • Before joining the team, co-founder “Vaibhav” spent six years in leadership roles with two successful tech startups and is a specialist in scaling growth stage businesses.