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April 27, 2018

Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Startup Challenge Semifinalist inventorspaceXYZ

We create an ecosystem for hands-on, high-tech STEAM and Entrepreneurship learning in high schools and middle schools across America. We do this by designing and installing inventorspaces at schools with 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering stations, VR rigs, 4K cameras, etc and by providing a curriculum to teach students how to use the equipment, code, and build their own ideas.

How did you come up with this idea?

I went to “one of the best high schools in Texas”. We had Multivariable Calculus classes and some of the best Comp Sci programs. We had Science Olympiad. But these same really successful students and programs were mired in a bookish culture–no one knew how to create things for themselves, how to build things. No one was ready to apply algorithms to make an App or Game. Our school did not support our FRC robotics team, too, the week before the second year’s competition.

Across Penn, I’ve seen students from varied backgrounds struggle and let their health deteriorate because they were never exposed to engineering and computer science in high school and were struggling to keep up.

The Amazon Director of Public Policy told me that Amazon was scared that they weren’t going to find enough qualified employees because students aren’t learning the skills and mindset they need to succeed in today’s, much less tomorrow’s, technological and entrepreneurial world.

How will your venture change the world?

inventorspaceXYZ will reshape education across America.

No more rows of desks staring at a whiteboard.

Students will learn viscerally and without fear of grades and failure. Middle and High School Students will build autonomous drones and really understand the linear algebra and physics and CS that went into making what they made.

High School Students will have internships at Facebook and Amazon will commercialize their inventions and schools will not have to fight for finding because the inventorspace ecosystem provides sustainability.


Nikil Ragav, ENG’20, W’20
Amit Gupta, ENG’20, W’20
Yan Li, ENG’21, W’21
Liana Patel, ENG’21, W’21
Ahalya Rajagopalan, W’20

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