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April 27, 2018

Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Startup Challenge Semifinalist PHRASE Health

PHRASE Health democratizes access to clinical decision support analytics making insight available to everyone from healthcare systems to the payers and providers that support them.

How did you come up with this idea?

During residency, Marc tried to build a simple application that showed patients their providers while they waited in the emergency department. Bringing insights from the electronic health record (EHR) system to the people that needed them turned out to be significantly more complicated than expected. As a result, he pursued a fellowship in clinical informatics with a focus on integrating healthcare data systems like the EHR. Ultimately, we found that providing insights into the clinical decision making itself is one of the most important factors in driving change to healthcare delivery.

How will your venture change the world?

Eventually, we hope to be a center of knowledge sharing and performance improvement not only between hospitals, but across the entire healthcare system.


Mike Zeidlhack, WG’19
Naveen Muthu
Justin Pagano
Marc Tobias

Fun Facts:

  • Mike: My family has worked across payers, providers, pharma, and diagnostics…now health tech! (And following our pattern, I learned the Turtle module in Python last year.)
  • Naveen: I learned to program by checking out books from the library on how to create video games in BASIC.
  • Justin: I built my first web site in 1993 for my 5th grade class.
  • Marc:  While in high school, I built a music technology website that saw over 5000 users per day and helped pay for my college.

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