Startup Challenge Semifinalist: REVOLV3D


Team Leader: 
Elizabeth Silvestro, ENG’16, GEN’17
Team Members: 
Jonathan Sanchez, ENG’1
Eric Wahl, ENG’16

elevator pitch: REVOLV3D is the First Additive Lathe. It integrates the advantages of additive manufacture to the cylindrical motion of a Lathe reducing material waste, print times, and increases creative potential with the addition of an internal post-processing surface finishing methods unlike any other machine on the market. This allows for a whole new dimension to design and manufacturing.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
While working in the AddLab, the University of Pennsylvania 3d printing facility, Elizabeth noticed a major flaw when it came to printing circular parts like nozzles or baseball bats. She took this idea to senior design, where Jonathan and Eric jumped right in and we created REVOLV3D.

How will your venture change the world?
The current state of manufacturing results in users facing tradeoffs between convectional machining design and cost limitations or additive stair steps approximations of circles. REVOLV3D offers a whole new dimension to design and manufacturing by allowing users to create in the cylindrical coordinates. REVOLV3D is the turning revolution to 3d printing, improving applications like jewelry, threads, and medical structures.

Fun Facts:

  • Elizabeth Silvestro designed and machined a custom full size lightsaber.
  • Jonathan Sanchez is cynophobic, scared of dogs.
  • Eric Wahl is a puppeteer and voice actor for children’s theatre.