Startup Challenge Semifinalist: Ride Health

Ride Health logo
Ride Health team pic - Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Startup Challenge

Team Leader:
Sumun Khetpal, C’17/W’17
Team Members:
Imran Cronk, C’16
Vedant Thyagaraj, C’19/W’19

elevator pitch: Ride Health aims to improve to care for patients who face transportation barriers. In leveraging the application programming interfaces (APIs) of ride-sharing companies, our software enables providers to request rides for patients and bill these rides to payers.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
Our story began in an emergency department at a North Carolina hospital, where co-founder Imran Cronk was working as a volunteer. An elderly man had just been discharged on a rather large dose of medications. He seemed disoriented and did not have a ride home. He planned to walk around eight miles through the rain that night, but luckily, Imran drove the man to his house, safe and sound. This narrative rooted the motivation for Ride Health, and the business model itself sprung from a Wharton healthcare entrepreneurship class that Vedant and I took in the fall of 2015.

How will your venture change the world?
Our venture will revolutionize the lives of the 3.6 million Americans that miss their appointments due a lack of a ride. Ride Health represents the merger between a private innovation and a public need, and the tremendous role that technology will play in healthcare – especially in the integration of applications within the electronic medical records of patients. Ride Health will be a pioneer, and with it will come multiple other applications that improve care transitions and ultimately, improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Fun Facts: Imran – I swing a tennis racket left-handed, but I bat right-handed; Vedant – I am a certified yoga instructor; Sumun – I have traveled to over 45 countries with my family.