Startup Challenge Semifinalist: RightAir

RightAir Logo
Right Air team pic

Team Leader:
Thomas Uhler, C’19, W’19

Team Members:
Jacob Brenner
Marek Swoboda
Perry Dubin
Michal Swoboda

elevator pitch: Severe COPD, popularly called emphysema, causes 2 million Americans to feel like they are suffocating every time they move around during the daily activities. RightAir creates a wearable device that relieves this terrible shortness of breath and allows COPD patients to engage in life again.

Where did the idea for your venture come from?
In the Penn COPD clinic, most of our severe COPD patients constantly ask for any new treatment that will allow them to live their lives without the feeling of suffocation.

How will your venture change the world?
We will relieve the suffering of millions of Americans who feel like they are suffocating whenever they move around.

Fun Facts:

  • Thomas Uhler: My smooth baritone has led to many requests for me to cover Barry White’s classics.
  • Jacob Brenner, MD, PhD: Jake has done research on diseases affecting many different organs, including heart, brain, and even the anorectal canal.
  • Marek Swoboda, PhD: I was born and raised in Upper Silesia, a region of Poland that is largely German-speaking.
  • Perry Dubin, MD: My boyfriend is an actor on Broadway.
  • Michal Swoboda: My dad is also on this team, and working with him is actually really fun.