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April 27, 2018

Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Startup Challenge Semifinalist Sanguis

Sanguis is developing a cost-effective at-home blood cell counting device for patients to monitor their health during chemotherapy treatment.

How did you come up with this idea?

In the US alone, each year, 650,000 cancer patients receive chemotherapy in an outpatient setting, and of those, close to 400,000 will suffer from neutropenia—low neutrophil levels—during their treatment. As a result, around 15,000 people die from infections and other complications that rush in when the body is unable to defend itself, and many more must delay or reduce their much-needed chemotherapy treatments. It’s a common problem, and a lethal problem, and that’s why we chose it to focus on.

How will your venture change the world?

Sanguis is the world’s first hand-held, portable, and inexpensive blood cell counting device. It measures neutrophil levels—the body’s primary infection fighting cells. When neutrophil counts go down, the body loses its ability to fight infections. With Sanguis, patients can easily test their neutrophil levels at home, with just a few drops of blood. They can track falling levels, and contact their doctors right away.

Sanguis was also a Fall 2017 member of VIP-X. Read their VIP-X profile!

Sanguis founders


Daniel Zhang, GR’23, M’23
Prateek Agarwal, WG’20, M’20
Divyansh Agarwal, GR’23, M’23

Fun Facts:

  • Dan is a master violinist and created Penn Medicine’s Symphony Orchestra!
  • Prateek is not only driving the team’s commercial efforts, but also “drives” airplanes — he’s a certified pilot.
  • Divyansh did not know how to swim, but he learnt it in the summer of 2012 and over 10 days, swam over 10 miles, with great white sharks, and became a certified deep sea diver.

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