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April 27, 2018

Jon M. Huntsman Hall

Startup Challenge Semifinalist TaskUnite

TaskUnite is a real-time task tracking and data analytics application suite for clinical teams.

How did you come up with this idea?

Bianca Gonzalez (CEO) is a nurse practitioner and has faced day-to-day challenges of ineffective task communication and care coordination among her clinical team. Redundancy, forgetting important tasks, and communication errors occurred regularly in her clinical practice and led to compromised patient safety and delays in care. Janak is a lead engineer at Microsoft and has a proven entrepreneurial track record. His wife is a doctor who faces similar operational challenges at work and now works at a hospital known for applying lean principles to clinics in order to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Mythri specializes in enterprise sales strategy and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients for digital and business transformation deals. Her husband is also in enterprise sales in the HIPAA compliance space, currently serving as an advisor to TaskUnite.

TaskUnite was formed based on the mutual interests and complementary skill sets of the three co-founders: clinical practice, technology, and enterprise sales expertise. Together, Bianca, Mythri, and Janak have built a mobile and web application that communicates tasks in real-time among healthcare providers in order to help clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals optimize staffing, reduce costs, and improve quality of care for patients. The mission of the company is to build technology to improve operational efficiency while reducing cost in order to improve patient quality of care.

How will your venture change the world?

Currently, administrative costs in healthcare are skyrocketing and approximate $200 billion annually in the United States. TaskUnite will transform healthcare through immense cost savings from real-time task tracking in order to analyze activity-based costing in clinical workflow. The task efficiency data provided from TaskUnite will help healthcare administrators and clinical leadership make better decisions on how to improve operational workflow, capacity, and staff utilization.


Janak Agarwal, WG’19
Bianca Gonzalez, NU’08, WG’19
Mythri Papolu

Fun Facts:

  • Janak was a Professional Badminton Player and is trained in Indian Classical Music Vocals and the Percussion Instrument Tabla.
  • Bianca is a huge music nerd and lived in LA for several years working as a singer-songwriter playing guitar, bass, piano, and drums for and co-writing songs with several touring bands.
  • Mya is also professionally trained to sing, plays the piano, and loves to travel and learn new languages.

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