Summer Venture Award

$10,000 to work on your startup over the summer. Applications are closed for Summer 2021 and will re-open in December 2021.

Who qualifies for a Summer Venture Award?

The Summer Venture Award (SVA) of $10,000 is intended to assist students financially over the summer in lieu of full-time internships so that they can concentrate on developing their entrepreneurial ventures. Winners are required to work on their ventures full-time over the summer.

Available to Penn and Wharton undergraduate Juniors,  First-Year MBA Students, and Penn graduate students in their last internship period.

Funding for this award is provided in part by the generosity of The Heller Family Foundation, the Eileen and Jon Case Venture Award Fund, the Mr. and Mrs. William Holekamp Fund, Robert J. and Jan Dilenschneider in memory of S.J. Dilenschneider (W’28), and anonymous donors.

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2021 Winners


Card Curator, has developed an app to help young professionals maximize their earnings from everyday spending and travel for free with our proprietary algorithm through credit card points and miles.

Founder: John Garner (WG’22)


The online insurance shopfront developed by agents for agents.

Founder: Cyrus Karai (WG’21)

Winner of the S.J. Dilenschneider (W’28) Summer Venture Award


Fulton is a modern brand of arch support that aims to educate consumers about the importance of bringing wellness to footwear. Starting with an insole that offers comfort through individualized arch support, Fulton demonstrates that whole body wellness starts with your feet.

Co-Founders: Libie Motchan (WG’21), Daniel Nelson (WG’21)


An online, automated, computer vision-powered solution for customizing hair products for African American women.

Founder: Isoken Igbinedion (WG’21)


Nouri offers a stage-specific meal program to help expecting mothers improve fertility, manage pregnancy symptoms and provide the best for their baby by fusing proven Ancient Eastern therapeutic ingredients with Western Nutrition. Meals are OB-GYN recommended, nutritionist & chef-curated, and delivered ready-to-eat in NYC.

Founder: Irene Liu (WG’22)


tiffin is (em)powering the culinary renaissance of independent chefs by giving them the tools to manage and scale their ventures. We give valuable time back to these chefs by facilitating a frictionless ordering experience, centralizing finance and operations, and automating logistics. In short, we’re building the “Shopify” for the growing independent chef economy.

Founder: Sagar Chopra (WG’22)

2020 Winners

Jordan Anoma (G'21, WG'21)

Antares Diamonds provides the first-ever commercialized artisanal diamond product for the ethically conscious global consumer. Leveraging technology and our mines-to-market supply chain, we provide customers with high quality, ethically sourced artisanally mined diamonds and deep provenance data which surpasses industry standards for origin transparency.

Learn more about aavrani

Sherry Wu (WG'21)

Buoyant is a subscription telemedicine app for migraine headache sufferers to connect with doctors for convenient and personalized treatment. Patients can access virtual messaging with doctors, prescription medications, and treatment plans personalized to their lifestyle and symptoms.

Learn more about Buoyant

Alex Torrey (WG'21)

Mlkmn is a smart neighborhood-based platform the works on autopilot in the background of your life to predict usage, aggregate demand, and magically refill in your apartment the household and personal care products that you and your neighbors use every day.

Learn more about Mlkmn

Catherine Bryt (WG'21)

Sibi Health’s online marketplace connects patients directly with doctors at a price both agree to, in advance. Sibi is a one-stop shop where patients find, book, and pay for care. With Sibi, patients get access to local doctors and transparent pricing so they can focus on getting the care they need.

Learn more about Sibi Health

Daniel Duggal (WG'21), Ian Klein (WG'21)

The Lobby is a premium, members-only social club for adult-age video game enthusiasts. Our mission is to deliver premium, community oriented experiences that will make the gaming world feel smaller.

2019 Winners

Rooshy Roy (WG'19), Chelsea Mao (WG'20), Justin Silver (WG'19)

aavrani uses all-natural, organic ingredients to create unique skincare products based on the ancient Ayurvedic rituals of South Asia.

Learn more about aavrani

Derek Gao (WG'20), Shuaiqing Liu (WG'20), Yi Dong (WG'19), Prashant Kumar (WG'19), Renee Yu (WG'20), Hongyi Yan (WG'20)

Providing health and wellness advice to Chinese consumers through a unique personal health consultant model, Aureum partners with local physicians and offers service through a telemedicine platform, leveraging a blockchain powered medical record database.

Learn more about Aureum

Justin Rhee (C'20), Alexander Belanger (C'20)

Bloom is a virtual assistant chatbot that directly integrates onto a course creator’s site to allow students to ask questions, see relevant discussions, and receive both automatically-generated and community-mediated answers.

Kameron Hypolite (C’20), Isaiah Washington (W’20), Noah Sinclair (W’20)

Boost Scooters use non-motorized scooters to provide college and business campuses with a more personalized mode of transportation.

Faizan Bhatty (WG'20), Kenan Saleh (W'19); Nabeel Farooqui (ENG'21), Ryanne Fadel (W'21)

Halo (acquired by Lyft) is putting location-targeted ads on top of Uber/Lyft vehicles. We attach smart ad monitors on top of cars and display creative, captivating ads that change based on the location of the driver in order to more effectively target and engage consumers.

2018 Winners

Joe Ammon, WG'19

Clove creates stylish footwear for medical professionals that combine the best of current sneaker technology with the technical requirements of traditional nursing shoes.

Learn More About Clove

Shanel Fields, WG’19

MD Ally is an emergency telehealth company that allows 911 dispatchers to enable instant access to an ER physician for non-emergency 911 callers.

Learn More About MD Ally

Duncan McCrae, W'19

Presto allows hotels to interacts with guests during their say via SMS and uses artificial intelligence to reply to guest messages instantly. Presto was acquired by Zingle inc, a leading hospitality tech company.

Learn More About Presto

Aditya Siroya, C’19, W’19

rePurpose is a social venture that aims to create an ethical and efficient supply chain of waste recycling in urban India.

Learn More About rePurpose

Katherine Sizov, C’19

Strella is developing a biosensor capable of predicting the maturity of apples, thus reducing waste costs.

Learn More About Strella

2017 Winners

Mitch Gainer, WG’18 - CitySense

CitySense provides analytics services to municipal water utilities to identify and stop water waste. No longer in business.

Read about how CitySense used their Summer Venture Award.

Parker Barnett, GEN’18 - Fellow Hunter

Fellow Hunter provides short-term access to quality hunting land. Landowners post their land and hunters can book daily access for a fee. No longer in business.

Read about how Fellow Hunter used their Summer Venture Award.

Timothy Blomfield, GEN’18, WG’17 - Incidnt

Incidnt is a web and mobile phone application that provides students with an anonymous, easy to use tool to report bullying incidents in the school setting. No longer in business.

Read about how Incidnt used their Summer Venture Award.

Achille Verheye, GEN’18 - Rigrade

Rigrade builds climbing robots for remote inspection, surveillance, repair, and maintenance. No longer in business.

Read about how Rigrade used their Summer Venture Award. 

2016 Winners

Scott Elfenbein, WG’17 - brEDcrumb

brEDcrumb Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni startup Summer Venture Award winner

brEDcrumb matches high-achieving high school students with the personal guide they need to reach their full college potential. No longer in business.

Negar Rajabi, WG’17 - Cemsica

Cemsica, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni startup, Summer Venture Award winner





Cemsica develops proprietary technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with superior efficiency and minimal footprint. No longer in business.

Andrew Barnell, WG’17 - Geneoscopy

geneoscopy Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni startup Summer Venture Award winner

Geneoscopy is developing a screening methodology to noninvasively diagnose colorectal cancer (CRC) using biomarkers in stool samples. Geneoscopy raised $1.0M in its second round of funding in spring of 2018.

Christopher Molaro, WG’17 - Neuroflow




NeuroFlow is changing the way we see brain health. A software solution that uses real-time biometric data to improve the assessment and treatment of mental illnesses. Neuroflow has raised $1.2 million in the fall of 2018 to scale up.

Erik Skantze, WG’17 - Perseus Mirrows







Perseus Mirrors is making the next generation mirror: an interactive, connected device with stunning technical features and a user-centered design.

Julia Peng, C’17, W’17 - VivaVax

VivaVax, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship alumni startup, Summer Venture Award winner





VivaVax is an early-stage biotech company developing a painless, needle-free, low-cost vaccine patch that eliminates the dependency on healthcare practitioner availability. VivaVax’s primary mission is to increase accessibility of vaccines globally, from a more efficient delivery method to enhanced thermostability.

2015 Winners

Bobby Virdi, WG'16, G'16 - Bahari Capital

A private equity investment firm focused on building professionalized businesses of scale across sub-Saharan Africa.

Aaron Goldstein, W'16 - Fever Smart


Fever Smart is a smart patch thermometer that allows users to remotely and continuously monitor temperature.

Emily Motayed, WG'16 - Havenly


Havenly is a fresh take on interior design–for one flat fee, we set up you with one of our talented interior designers.

Lucy Zhang, WG'16 & Lucy Peng, WG'16 - SetSail

SetSail, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Summer Venture Award winner

SetSail promotes effective international education by using software and mentorship to help Chinese high school students prepare for and apply to US colleges.

2014 Winners

Matthew Carey, C'07, WG'15 & Adam Colombo, ENG'14, W'14 - Blueprint Income (formerly Abaris)

Blueprint Income is building a better future and a smarter way to save for retirement by offering a Personal Pension that’s truly the first of its kind.

Ford Kerr, WG'15 - SmartPlate


SmartPlate is the world’s first intelligent plate that instantly analyzes everything you eat.

Katlyn Grasso, W'15 - GenHERation


GenHERation is a female empowerment network for high school girls that inspires them to become catalysts of social change.


Daniel Fine, W'15 - Neu


For fans that want more of their favorite teams and events, NEU Custom makes it happen. Whether it’s Benji’s Bar Mitzvah or Uber, we can do it all.


2013 Winners

Lane Rettig, WG'15, G'14 - AlumVest

AlumVest is an equity and rewards-based crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs affiliated with top universities with alumni and peer backers and investors.

Lane also co-founded Seratis, which was acquired by HudlHealth in 2016.

Evan Rosenbaum, W'14 - Layers

Bringing life to books.

Evan is now co-founder of Genies Inc.a media and technology company that’s disrupting the way millennials and gen z consume and share the news.

Frank Brodie, WG'14, MD'14 - Maculens

Maculens Vision Technology commercialized novel optical coating that reduces discomfort and eyestrain from headlights at night.

Betty Hsu, WG'14 - ProfessorWord


ProfessorWord offers an easier and more effective way to teach and learn vocabulary.

Zach Simkin, C'06, WG'14 - Senvol


Senvol: data to help companies implement additive manufacturing.

2012 Winners

Samir Malik, C'08, W'08, WG'14 - 1DocWay


1DocWay: A marketplace connecting hospitals with underserved care facilities. We bring the doctor’s office online. 1DocWay was acquired by Genoa in 2015.


Rajiv Mahale, WG'13 - SpeSo Health &

In a SVA first, one student entrepreneur applied and made the finals with two different ventures. He was offered one award to allocate across both ventures:

SpeSo Health provides safe, secure second opinions from the best research institutions in the country, brought to you digitally. No longer in business. is an online marketplace for professionally curated interior design inspiration.

Steve Lau, WG'13 & Jon Dussel, WG'13 - is an intuitive online application focused on enabling simple social organization and sharing of everything on the internet. No longer in business.

Deepa Gandhi, WG'13 - Dagne Dover


Dress it up, dress it down – but stay organized no matter what with a Dagne Dover, the perfect bag for every occasion.

Su Que ``Kristy`` Leong, WG'13 - Grand Round Table


Grand Round Table empowers medical practitioners to connect seamlessly with the expertise, experiences, and shared resources of their own medical communities on one simple-to-use platform.

2011 Winners

Steven Dong, W'12 & Corey Lerch, W'12, ENG'12 - Osus

Osus is weight-lifting you can wear. No longer in business.

Dan Getelman, W'12, ENG'12 - Lore


Lore is the place to go online for your classes. (Lore was acquired by Noodle Education in 2013).

Dan went on to co-found Remix, the first planning platform for public transit.

Mike Kijewski, WG'12 - Gamma Basics


Gamma Basics was the maker of grayCAD, a software application that helps hospitals assess their radiation safety compliance. (Gamma Basics was acquired by Varian Medical Systems in 2013.)

Mike went on to co-found MedCryptMedical Device Security as a Service.

Nimit Maru, WG'12 & Roberto Sanchez Garvin, WG'12 - Mooblue

Mooblue is a real-time bidding mobile ad exchange.

Nimit went on to co-found Fullstack Academy.

2010 Winners

Lee Beinstock, WG'11 - Flipables

Flipables are disposable flip-flops for public showers. No longer in business.

Cherif Habib, WG'11 - Kembrel

Kembrel is an e-commerce store providing apparel and accessories. No longer in business.

Cherif went on to co-found Dialogue Technologies and Maison FreshMint.

Sarah Russell, WG'11 - Rx-Text


Rx-Text creates text message-based applications to improve communication between providers and patients.

Tom Silva, WG'11 - Charlie Mike Technical Institute

Charlie Mike Technical Institute (CMTI) will be a post-secondary vocational school, specializing in select curricula designed to prepare US veterans for post-military careers in the skilled trades. No longer in business.

Davis Smith, WG'11, G'11 -

logo_baby is one-stop online shopping for everything you need for baby in Brazil. continues to do terrific business in Brazil. Davis left in 2014 to pursue social entrepreneurship with his new startup, Cotopaxi.

2009 Winners

Patrick Curtis, WG'10 - Wall Street Oasis


Wall Street Oasis is an online community for finance professionals and students trying to make it to Wall Street for careers in investment banking, sales & trading, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, consulting, asset management and more.

Rob Goldstein, W'10 - ChronoWake

ChronoWake is a product that utilizes advanced physiological signal analysis and processing in order to wake its users at an ideal time within preference metrics.

Michael Melby, WG'10 - PayDivvy


PayDivvy is a social payments platform that allows friends to manage and share any type of expense in real-time.

Paydivvy was acquired in 2013 by Higher One, which was subsequently acquired in 2016 by Blackboard.

Jeffrey Raider, WG'10 - Warby Parker


Warby Parker is a transformational designer, marketer, and retailer of fashionable eyewear sold online at one fifth the price of traditional glasses.

Jeffrey Raider went on to found Harry’s.

Noah Ready-Campbell, W'10 - SearchEkko

SearchEkko is a widget for blogs and news websites that helps visitors discover content that is relevant to them, and hence drives page views and revenues for the installed sites.

Noah went on to found Twice, an online consignment shop for fashion, which was acquired by eBay in 2015.

2008 Winners

Jonathan Cooper, WG'09 - MedVolution

MedVolution is a web-based, medical decision support software tool based on Bayesian networks for use in the primary care clinical setting.

Jonathan went on to found engages policyholders through personalized content, intuitive tracking tools, and health insights, and rewards those policyholders for living a healthier lifestyle.

Daniel Harbuck, W'09 - StealthRowing Divisble

StealthRowing Divisible crew rowing boats for year-round, in the pool training. No longer in business.

Sameer Nigam, WG'09 -

Disruptive online shopping marketplace for Indian markets (an Indo-US company).

Sameer went on to found  PhonePe, a mobile payments app that allows you to transfer money instantly to anyone, by using just their mobile number.

2007 Winners

Jack Abraham, W'08 - Milo

Browse, compare and research products available now at local stores. Milo was acquired by eBay in 2010, and became eBay Local.

Jack is now founder of Atomic, a venture fund that founds companies. 

Adam Erlebacher, WG'08 & Greg Neichin, WG'08 - PlaceVine

PlaceVine is an online marketplace for alternative advertisements. (PlaceVine was acquired by Alphabird in 2011.)

Adam went on to found Fabric, life insurance made easy.

Vikram Joshi, WG'08 - Red Ladder Media

Red Ladder Media is a health and wellness content provider for the young, urban Chinese market that uses web and mobile information delivery channels.

Vikram went on to found pulsd and WorkKafe.

Masha Merchant, WG'08 - Angiologix

Angiologix Inc., a medical diagnostic device company, is dedicated to human cardiovascular health.

Angiologix, Inc. was acquired by Everist Genomics in 2011.

Blake Sonnek-Schmelz, WG'08 - JuiceLife

JuiceLife is an all-natural, enhanced fruit juice company.

Blake went on to acquire and restart Soccer Post.

Nat Turner, W'08 - Invite Media

Invite Media is an ad-creation tools that allow local businesses to build and place video ads online. (Invite Media was acquired by Google in 2010 for $81 million.)

Nat went on to co-found Flatiron Health, which provided cancer electronic health record software and was acquired by pharmaceutical group Roche in 2018.