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Private Equity & Venture Capital

Eurie Kim
Wharton MBA ’09

Eurie Kim WG’09 is an investor at Forerunner Ventures, an early stage venture firm dedicated to partnering with ambitious entrepreneurs to define and dominate a new generation of commerce.

To make wise investments in private equity, students need to develop a solid understanding of how to assess a new business idea, recognize and analyze a sound business plan, and understand funding requirements and legal issues.

MGMT 804 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management (0.5 cu)

This course focuses on venture capital management issues in the context of a typical high-growth start-up, addressed from both the entrepreneur’s perspective and the investor’s perspective. Taught by Raffi Amit, Robert B. Goergen Professor of Entrepreneurship and a Professor of Management at the Wharton School. Prof. Amit founded and leads the Wharton Global Family Alliance. He also serves as the Academic Director of Wharton Entrepreneurship which encompasses all of Wharton’s entrepreneurial programs. Read an interview with him here.

MGMT 809 Private Equity in Emerging Markets (0.5 cu)

The underlying premise of the course is that private equity in emerging market and frontier country environments is a distinctly different asset class than in industrialized countries for a number of reasons that will be identified and analyzed by students. Taught by Lecturer Steve Sammut who is a Venture Partner at Burrill & Company.

MGMT 811 Entrepreneurship through Acquisition (0.5 cu)

This course focuses on theoretical and practical issues of acquiring a business. You will hone your knowledge of the acquisition process, identify and evaluate acquisitions targets, as well as understand the deal in terms of legal and tax implications. Taught by Lecturer Bob Chalfin an expert in acquisitions.

FNCE 750 Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation (1.0 cu)

Venture capital professionals need to know how to raise capital and structure their funds, as well as how to select, fund, and exit high-growth privately-held companies. This course addresses all of these subjects. Taught by Assistant Professor of Finance Luke Taylor.

“Wharton’s curriculum is very flexible in that it gives you the chance to find as much alignment as possible between your classes and your startup.”

– Betty Hsu WG’14,
  Founder of ProfessorWord


“Wharton gave me the opportunity to think creatively and to take two years of my life to explore what entrepreneurship means concretely, not just a theoretical idea of it, but what it really means to start a business and struggle with the day to day issues as well as the larger strategy issues.”
– Frank Brodie M’14/WG’14,
  Co-founder of Maculens and PhaseOptics