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Social Entrepreneurship

Katlyn Grasso
Wharton Undergrad ’15

As founder of GenHERation, Katlyn Grasso has empowered more than 60,000 young women through her GenHERation Summer Leadership Series, original GenHERation webisodes, and growing GenHERation community.

In the wide spectrum of consulting services offered by top firms, graduates with experience in entrepreneurial solutions will have an edge. These suggested courses offer students an opportunity to learn how to capitalize on innovations, to harness technologies, and to learn from the successes and failures of new ventures.

MGMT 266 Family Enterprise Management (1.0 cu)

The focus of this course is on behavioral aspects of family dynamics in a wide range of decision making settings. While this course will be relevant to individuals aspiring to grow their own family fortunes, it will also be helpful for individuals interested in consulting to family businesses. Taught by Adjunct Associate Professor, Eric Schoenberg, who has conducted research on the psychology of money, with an emphasis on intergenerational wealth transfer.

MGMT 251 Consulting to Growth Companies (1.0 cu)

Develop your consulting skills and entrepreneurial expertise by working as a consultant to a thriving entrepreneurial venture in the Philadelphia area. Taught by Lecturer Eric Siegel, who has consulted to companies since 1980.

MGMT 233 Strategies and Practices of Family Controlled Companies (1.0 cu)

This course will help you understand unique characteristics of family businesses, particularly strategies for addressing a range of management issues. Taught by Lecturer Bill Alexander, who is a third generation principal and CEO of a large construction entity.

MGMT 264 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management

This course focuses on Venture Capital management issues in the context of a typical high-growth startup, addressed from both the entrepreneur’s perspective and the investor’s perspective. Taught by Lecturer Henry Han, an accomplished researcher of intrapreneurship in China.

“Wharton’s curriculum is very flexible in that it gives you the chance to find as much alignment as possible between your classes and your startup.”

– Betty Hsu WG’14,
  Founder of ProfessorWord


“Wharton gave me the opportunity to think creatively and to take two years of my life to explore what entrepreneurship means concretely, not just a theoretical idea of it, but what it really means to start a business and struggle with the day to day issues as well as the larger strategy issues.”
– Frank Brodie M’14/WG’14,
  Co-founder of Maculens and PhaseOptics