Varun Jain ENG’19 W’19 interned at Rentscene in Philadelphia, PA


2016-17 Startup Internship Award Winner supported by the Jeff Sutton W’81 Entrepreneurship Internship Fund

This summer was not what I expected at all. I thought working at a startup would be a completely different experience, but I was surprisingly glad at how much fun I had. Recently I had made the decision to work at Rentscene, a personal butler for people are too busy to find apartments. They had hired me to fix their website and to just overall be the tech guy at the startup. It was a new experience being the only tech person in the room, as I always had someone, either a mentor or a peer on a project that always knew some aspect of tech and could provide a valuable resource. However, this was the first time that no one else had the skills I had. And in this situation, I learned some even more valuable skills besides my coding skills. I learned how to be able to explain what I was doing abstractly so that the rest of the startup could understand what I was doing. I wanted to work at a startup as compared to a huge tech company because I wanted more ownership and functionality of my code, but at this startup I was surprised how much I enjoyed having a sort of free reign over my responsibilities. I was always used to having a set of specific rules and codes that I had to follow to make sure my work was precise. I was able to work on myself and use this newfound independence for the best. I was very glad I worked here over the summer.

Other things that I would like to highlight are just the bonds you make with people at a smaller company. You get to know people better and have them in your network for the future. We had pizza gatherings and Potbelly sandwich days where we would just joke around and laugh together at whatever crazy was happening on the news that day. Overall, everyone contributed to a positive and productive environment and I enjoyed being there! I was able to make some concrete progress and really help an entrepreneur make his service better and help myself become a better entrepreneur. I learned so much and would recommend the experience at least once for everyone. Thanks to everyone who made my summer very fun!