“I feel strongly that community is key to getting through the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, and the community is very strong here.”
– Carlos Vega C’03/WG’14, Founder of Tesorio

Community is the word we hear most often from VIP alumni, when we ask what they found most valuable about the experience. And community is what VIP-C offers to aspiring Penn entrepreneurs–along with resources and advising that can help you move your startup to the next level: VIP-Xcelerate.

Working on a startup is an exhilarating but messy process–how do you know if you’re putting your time and attention into the right steps?

VIP-C can help.

When you’re accepted into VIP-C, you set measurable objectives for your startup, and you work to meet those goals.

And VIP-C offers resources like group advising, co-working space, workshops on entrepreneurship basics, and more to keep you on track.

Questions about VIP-C? Sign up for a Start Here Monday session with a member of our knowledgeable staff, or email Valentina Goutorova with VIP-C in the subject.

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