Accelerate your business when you’re ready to launch!

VIP-X is an intense, 3-month accelerator program for the most dedicated student and alumni entrepreneurs and the most advanced startups in VIP-C.

When your startup is ready to launch, VIP-X provides the additional resources and mentoring that you need to take your venture to the next level.

Applications are by invitation only, from current members of VIP-C.

You’re a passionate entrepreneur, with an idea that can change the world. We’re here to help. 

Applications by invitation only, from VIP-C founders

Questions? Email Valentina Goutorova

VIP-X runs three times annually: fall, spring, and summer

  • Individual advising
  • Dedicated seed funding
  • Advanced workshops and guest speakers, with subjects tailored to the interests of that cycle’s members
  • All the resources available to members of VIP-C, like co-working space and a strong community of fellow entrepreneurs

Meet the Spring 2021 members of VIP-X

Sourish Jasti (W’24), Justin Zhang (ENG’24), Joe Kakkis (C’21)

Giving medication a second life.

John Garner (WG’22)

Credit Cards at your service.

Irene Liu (WG’22)

Eastern Food Therapy meets Western Nutrition meal program for expecting moms.

Nick Silverio (W’18), Ramita Ravi (C’17; W’17)

A professional network for artists and creatives.

Liz Nunez (C’17; W’17)

Bring your roots home.

Chase Hobby (WG’20), Evan Seale (WG’20)

Optimal living

Douglas Williams (WG’22)

Conveniently Sustainable

Manuel Godoy (WG’21), Bernardo Garcia (G’21; WG’21)

Empowering Latinos in the US to send money abroad.

Previous VIP-X Members:

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