Accelerate your business when you’re ready to launch!

VIP-X is an intense, 3-month accelerator program for the most dedicated student and alumni entrepreneurs and the most advanced startups in VIP-C.

When your startup is ready to launch, VIP-X provides the additional resources and mentoring that you need to take your venture to the next level.

Applications are by invitation only, from current members of VIP-C.

You’re a passionate entrepreneur, with an idea that can change the world. We’re here to help. 

Applications by invitation only

Questions? Email Valentina Goutorova

VIP-X runs three times annually: fall, spring, and summer

  • Individual advising
  • Dedicated seed funding
  • Advanced workshops and guest speakers, with subjects tailored to the interests of that cycle’s members
  • All the resources available to members of VIP-C, like co-working space and a strong community of fellow entrepreneurs

Meet the Summer 2019 members of VIP-X

Vishnu Rachakonda, ENG’18, GEN’19; Sieva Kozinsky, WG’20

Air23 is developing a patient recruiting platform to help Pharma companies eliminate some of the challenges of recruiting patients in clinical trials with our tech-enabled network of research sites.

Ryan Wosick, ENG’19; Joseph Schidt

Avior’s software platform improves patient engagement in physical therapy and allows clinics to recapture lost revenue due to patients dropping out of care and missing scheduled appointments.

Marc Rosenberg, C’18, GEN’19; Soleil Carrero, GEN’19

BioAlert Technologies is creating the first-ever continuous infection monitor (CIM).

Andie Kaplan, WG’20

For international students who need convenient, affordable cell phone service, ConnectEd Mobile serves as an official reseller of T-Mobile, providing family plan rates direct to individual students.

Vedant Saboo, WG’20; Mike Weber, WG’20

Frutero Ice Cream makes tropical fruit flavored ice cream.

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