Accelerate your business when you’re ready to launch!

VIP-X is an intense, 3-month accelerator program for the most dedicated student and alumni entrepreneurs and the most advanced startups in VIP-C.

When your startup is ready to launch, VIP-X provides the additional resources and mentoring that you need to take your venture to the next level.

Applications are by invitation only, from current members of VIP-C.

You’re a passionate entrepreneur, with an idea that can change the world. We’re here to help. 

Applications by invitation only

Questions? Email Valentina Goutorova

VIP-X runs three times annually: fall, spring, and summer

  • Individual advising
  • Dedicated seed funding
  • Advanced workshops and guest speakers, with subjects tailored to the interests of that cycle’s members
  • All the resources available to members of VIP-C, like co-working space and a strong community of fellow entrepreneurs

Meet the Fall 2020 members of VIP-X

Anna Li (WG’20)

Try something different with MBA Blind Love.

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert (N’21), Louisa Qiu (N’23, W’23), Joshua Baek (C’23), Gerardo Ballestros (W’23)

Illuminating Healthcare.

Gregory Nesmith (W’20)

Culture X Capital

Craig Thompson (WG’21; GEN’22), Austin Kipp (WG’21)

Create, analyze, and share financial forecasts easily and collaboratively.

Garrison Haning (WG’21)

We deliver the fit that every body deserves.

Cyrus Karai (WG’21)

The ultimate online shopfront for insurance agents.

Andrew Hotsko (WG’21)

Recovery made easy.

Previous VIP-X Members:

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