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Airport Sherpa - Patrick DellaValle WG'15 and Mayank Gandhi WG'15
Your Private Concierge in All Terminals.
Axibase Corporation - Sergei Rodionov WG'02
Axibase Corporation is an independent software vendor focusing on performance management and capacity planning for the enterprise IT.
Bandar Foods - Daniel Garblik WG'11 and Lalit Kalani WG'11
Indian Flavors American Taste.
Barring Eyewear- Eric Fiore W'16 and Joseph Hwang C'16
Barring is a premier eyewear retailer and designer.
Bet Trade - Georgios Georgiopoulos WG'13
Online Casinos Meet Betting Exchanges.
BioBots - Danny Cabrera ENG'14 & Ricardo Solorzano ENG'13
BioBots creates 3D bioprinters and bioinks that are unleashing the biological revolution.
BioCellection - Miranda Wang C'16
BioCellection uses techniques in biology to synthesize single cell protein and high value products for aquafeed.
Bungalow Insurance - Tom Austin WG'15 and Zachary Stiefler WG'15
Bungalow Insurance providers fast, affordable renters insurance solutions geared toward the modern generation.
ChargeItSpot - Doug Baldasare WG'12
ChargeItSpot is the leading provider of secure cell phone charging stations for retail stores across the U.S.
CommonBond - David Klein Alum
CommonBond is shaking up the student loan market.
Cotopaxi - founded by VIP alumni Davis Smith G'11/WG'11 and Stephan Jacob G'11/WG'11
We create innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.
Crederity - Rakesh Antala EMTM'11 and Alexander Mittal ENG'07/W'07
iCrederity is an easy to use Identity and Credentials Verification Service that helps you to verify your credentials and your details like identity, education, and work.
Cubix Prints - Erik Skantze WG'17
3D Printed Auto Parts Manufactured at The Point of Sale.
Dictionary Squared - Adam Kapelner GRW'14
An online vocabulary training program based on 50 years of vocabulary research.
DigiPuppets - Brendan Green C'07/WG'14 and Daniel Clay WG'14
DigiPuppets is a magical world of adorable stories, lovable characters & learning adventures, brought to life by classic toys with a touch of tech.
EdConnective - Will Morris GED'13
EdConnective connects novice K-12 educators to seasoned instructional coaches through streaming video.
EduPlated - founded by VIP alumnus Ryan Frankel WG'12
EduPlated provides on-demand access to certified nutritional professionals at a fraction of the price of private nutritional counseling - all from the comfort of your own home.
Fever Smart - Aaron Goldstein W'16, William Duckworth ENG'16, Becca Goldstein C'14 and Collin Hill W'16
The Smart Patch Thermometer
FundPaas - Amilcare Chavarria WG'13
The Paste Anywhere Crowdfunding Plug-in. Fully Functional, End to end, Portal-as-a-Service Solution.
GTRACK Technologies - Teddy Guenin ENG'15/W'15 and Ashwin Amurthur ENG'15/W'15
Nanoparticle Tracers for Reservoir Characterization.
Hangify - Merv Arnold-Lyons C'16
Discover the best events and parties around campus.
Helix Sleep - Kristian Von Rickenbach WG'15, Adam Tishman WG'15 and Jerry Lin WG'15
Personalized, custom made to order mattresses shipped to your doorstep at a fraction of the retail price.
Hemishare, Inc. - Marcus Anderson G'13/WG'13 and Lisa Lovallo G'13/WG'13
International recruitment services
Henry A. Davidsen Tailors - Brian Lipstein C'06
Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors & Image Consultants offers perfectly tailored professional and special occasion clothing.
InnaMed - Ronald AngSiy WG'17
Gateway to your personalized health.
Laguna Beach Towel Company - Daniel Meurer WG'17
The Laguna Beach Towel Company specializes in high-end resort quality towels and textiles.
LashBee - Anjali Bahtia WG'15 & Erin Soletski WG'15
LashBee provides safer, more natural-looking and higher quality semi-permanent eyelash extensions.
LocalAventura - Andrea Vidler G'15/WG'15 & Eugena Brown WG'15
LocalAventura invites you to experience Latin America through the eyes of a passionate local. By connecting you with our hand-selected local guides, you'll get the authentic and one-of-a-kind adventure you've been searching for.
Matt & Maire's Modern Italian Sandwiches - Nicole Capp WG'14 & Justin Sapolsky W'08 WG'14
Our bread quality and consistency will never be compromised. At Matt & Marie's you get fresh baked, crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside Italian bread, every day, every sandwich.
ModernLend - Kobina Ansah WG'15 and Shuo Zhang ENG'08/W'08/WG'15
ModernLend provides credit cards tailored for international citizens studying or working in the U.S.
My Best Friend's Weekend - Lauren Raouf WG'15 and Tisha Vaidya WG'15
We make the bachelorette planning process easy.
Of Mercer - Dorie Golkin Smith WG'13 and Emelyn Northway WG'13
Makers of fashionable and work-appropriate dresses, blazers, suiting & accessories for desk to dinner and beyond.
Oncora Medical, LLC - William (David) Lindsay GR'18, M'20
Oncora leverages historical medical data to deliver more effective, more efficient cancer care.
Perseus Mirrors - Antina Lee WG'17
Perseus is the next generation smart mirror designed for the everyday consumer.
Petplan Pet Insurance - Chris Ashton WG'03 and Natasha Ashton WG'03
Lower vet bills by up to 90% with our pet insurance plans!
Prajwalbharat (Lightup India) - Anuj Kulkarni WG'12
Prajwalbharat is the first social enterprise in the street lighting market.
SalesRoads - David Kreiger C'99/WG'07
B2B Appointment Setting services with proven results & a money-back guarantee. 
SetSail, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Summer Venture Award winner
SetSail - Lucy Zhang WG'16 and Lucy Peng WG'16
Promotes effective international education by using software and mentorship to help Chinese high school students prepare for and apply to US colleges.
Soceana - Tess Michaels C'15/W'15
SOCEANA seeks to generate social good by creating a vibrant community of volunteers, nonprofits, philanthropists and corporations.
Stone & Strand - Nadine McCarthy Kahane WG'12
Designer jewelry online from the world's leading fine jewelry shopping destination.
Take Command Health - Jack Hooper WG'14
We use data and share advice to help find a great health plan for you.
The One Health Company - Ben Lewis V'12, WG'16
The One Health Company is a new model of contract research: dramatically improves pre-clinical testing, but also provides pets with beneficial cutting edge therapies to improve their wellness.
ThirdEye - Rajat Bhageria EE'18, Joe Cappadona ENG'18 and Ben Sandler ENG'18/C'18
We empower the visually impaired through object recognition via auditory feedback.
TrustCircle - Sachin Chavarria WG'13
TrustCircle helps reduce preventable ER visits and readmissions by empowering patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers with mobile health solutions that improve communication, collaboration, and coordination of care.
Varsity Software Inc. - John Weaver WG'05
Varsity Software is fanatical about developing creative and innovative technology solutions.
WeTrain - Jonathan Sockol WG'16
Fitness on your schedule, in your budget.