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AdhereTech - Joshua Stein WG'12
AdhereTech makes patented smart pill bottles that automatically track and improve medication adherence.
Admit Advantage - founded by VIP alumnus Kofi Kankam WG'04
Admissions consulting company assisting college, MBA, and JD candidates in creating successful applications.
Advans Health - Antonio Munoz WG'17
An insurance web platform to help students purchase best and most affordable health insurance with a more educated decision
Airport Sherpa - Patrick DellaValle WG'15 and Mayank Gandhi WG'15
Your Private Concierge in All Terminals.
Ajax Adventure Camp - Danny Hundert WG'16
Ajax Adventure Camp is an Aspen, CO summer camp with a drive to inspire awesomeness in campers.
AllazoHealth – Clifford Jones ENG'07/W'07/WG'13
We tackle the problem of medication non-adherence through predictive analytics and personalized interventions.
Allevi - Ricardo Solorzano ENG'13 & Danny Cabrera ENG'14
Allevi creates 3D bioprinters and bioinks that are unleashing the biological revolution.
Ampush - founded by VIP alumni Christopher Amos W'06, Aniket Shah W'06, & Jasmit Pujji C'06, W'06
Ampush leverages its leading marketing software, AMP, and a managed approach to drive profitable advertising results
artocrat - founded by VIP alumnus Jay Parekh ENG'09
Makes commissioning art accessible - artists transform client photographs into hand-painted oil and watercolor paintings.
Axibase Corporation - Sergei Rodionov WG'02
Axibase Corporation is an independent software vendor focusing on performance management and capacity planning for the enterprise IT.
Bandar Foods - Daniel Garblik WG'11 and Lalit Kalani WG'11
Indian Flavors American Taste.
Barn Owl LLC - Josh Phifer WG'17
Remote monitoring solutions for ranchers and farmers.
Barring Eyewear- Eric Fiore W'16 and Joseph Hwang C'16
Barring is a premier eyewear retailer and designer.
BattleBards - Kyn Chaturvedi WG'11
Pioneering the use of audio (voice overs, custom-tailored music, sound effects, etc.) for tabletop gaming.
BioCellection - Miranda Wang C'16
BioCellection uses techniques in biology to synthesize single cell protein and high value products for aquafeed.
brEDcrumb - Scott Elfenbein WG'17
Find your path to college // Share your path to college.
Broomstick Wedding Co. - Natalie Neilson Edwards WG'18
Broomstick is the wedding brand that seeks to increase the diversity of wedding planning while giving to organizations empowering women & girls worldwide with every purchase.
Brunchface - Peter Chung, GFA’16
Mission: Enable city dwellers to casually and meaningfully engage with her city's brunch-scene.
Bungalow Insurance - Tom Austin WG'15 and Zachary Stiefler WG'15
Bungalow Insurance providers fast, affordable renters insurance solutions geared toward the modern generation.
CareerCup - Kathryn Heinz WG'11 & Gayle Laakmann-McDowell ENG'05, GEN'05, WG'11
CareerCup helps people prepare for jobs at tech companies, particularly for software engineering roles.
ChargeItSpot - Doug Baldasare WG'12
ChargeItSpot is the leading provider of secure cell phone charging stations for retail stores across the U.S.
Chippin Snacks - Haley Russell WG'18 and Amanda Robinson WG'18
We care about your pup's nutrition. We care about our planet. This is why we created the Chipper power snack, crafted with premium cricket protein that's tasty, nutrient-rich and sustainable
CloudMine - co-founded by Brendan McCorkle GEX'11
CloudMine is a secure data enablement platform that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to build intelligent, connected solutions.
Code2College - founded by VIP alumnus Matthew Stephenson WG'11
Providing a tuition-free, industry-relevant coding education to underserved high school students.
CommonBond - David Klein Alum
CommonBond is shaking up the student loan market.
CoqOvins - co-founded by Quentin Chalvon Demersay WG'18
CoqOvins is a virtual sommelier that makes personalized recommendations to customers to help them chose wine in brick & mortar stores.
COSY Robotics - Jonas Cleveland GEN'11
Spinout of UPenn's GRASP Laboratory with a focus in enabling industry solutions in computer vision, perception, and artificial intelligence.
Cotopaxi - founded by VIP alumni Davis Smith G'11/WG'11 and Stephan Jacob G'11/WG'11
We create innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty relief, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.
Custora - founded by VIP alumnus Corey Pierson ENG'04, WG'10
Marketing software startup based in NYC.
Dagne Dover - Deepa Gandhi WG'13 and Melissa Mash (WG'12)
Classic luxury paired with effortless organization for the on-the-go woman.
Dictionary Squared - Adam Kapelner GRW'14
An online interactive vocabulary training program based on 50 years of vocabulary research.
DocASAP - Puneet Maheshwari WG'09
DocASAP connects patients with optimal care providers by intelligently matching patient needs with provider care delivery workflows.
DRUMS Food International - founded by VIP alumnus Rohan Mirchandani WG'12
FMCG company based in India, parent company of Epigamia Greek Yogurt and Hokey Pokey Ice Cream.
E-Health Now - Kelly Xu WG'17 and Vinayak Kumar C'13, G'13, M'18, WG'18
E-Health Now connects Chinese cancer patients with high-quality U.S. oncologists through remote joint consultation and medical tourism service at an affordable price through an efficient digital platform.
EdConnective - Will Morris GED'13
EdConnective connects novice K-12 educators to seasoned instructional coaches through streaming video.
EduPlated - founded by VIP alumnus Ryan Frankel WG'12
EduPlated provides on-demand access to certified nutritional professionals at a fraction of the price of private nutritional counseling - all from the comfort of your own home.
Elevate More – Blake Engelhard W'15
An exclusive web-site for hand-picked music videos and playlists.
Embrace Pet Insurance - Laura Bennett WG'03
Customizable pet insurance plans covering accidents, illnesses, and wellness care.
EquityZen - co-founded by Atish Davda ENG'08/W'08, Shriram Bhashyam C'02 and Phil Haslett
EquityZen connects shareholders of private companies with investors seeking alternative investments.
ESL Athletic Solutions - Anne Pyzocha GED'17
ESL Athletic Solutions teaches sports-related and everyday English to international career athletes.
Fever Smart - Aaron Goldstein W'16, William Duckworth ENG'16, Becca Goldstein C'14 and Collin Hill W'16
The Smart Patch Thermometer
Fig Loans - John Li WG'15 & Jeffrey Zhou WG'15
Fig changes the way people with low credit experience banking. We offer emergency loans and financial stability products to get you through life’s unpredictable challenges.
Fullstack Academy - co-founded by Nimit Maru WG'12
Fullstack Academy is a full-time immersive programming course designed to make smart people into great software engineers.
FullStory - founded by VIP alumnus Scott Voigt WG'04
App that captures all customer experience data in one easy-to-use platform.
FundersClub - Boris Silver W'10
Connecting investors with promising startups in Silicon Valley.
Geneoscopy : Andrew Barnell WG'17
Geneoscopy is developing a screening methodology to noninvasively diagnose colorectal cancer using biomarkers in stool samples.
GenHERation - Katlyn Grasso W'15
GenHERation® is an interactive media company for aspirational young women.
GiftX - Zane Stiles ENG'18 W'18 and Raj Atluri ENG'18 W'18
Imagine having the gift card you want... At GiftX, it's easy. Simply exchange unwanted gift cards for the card you want quickly and at the best value.
GlimpzIt (Acquired by Forrester)- Parry Bedi WG'12 & Sami Kaipa WG'12
GlimpzIt, an AI powered customer intelligence platform, was acquired by Forrester in 2018 and now forms the core part of Forrester's Consumer Technographics offering.
Gridless power - co-founded by Jason Halpern ENG'10/W'10/GEN'10
We design and manufacture the most intelligent battery systems in the world to deliver power where it's needed most.
Group K Diagnostics - Brianna Wronko ENG'17
At Group K, we strive to revolutionize healthcare through innovative point of care (POC) diagnostics. Our main product is the MultiDiagnostic, a multi-test modular POC diagnostic, that can be used with minimal to no training in any setting.
Hangify - Merv Arnold-Lyons C'16
Discover the best events and parties around campus.
Harper Macaw - co-founded by Sarah Hartman LPS'14
Harper Macaw is a fine chocolate manufacturer founded on a big yet simple objective: to turn chocolate into a force for tropical reforestation.
Harper Wilde - Jenna Kerner WG'17 and Jane Fisher WG'17
Fairly priced everyday bras without the hassle
Harry's - founded by VIP alumnus Jeff Raider WG'10
Quality men's shaving products at a fair price.
Hawthorne – Brian Jeong WG'16
Tailored cologne that's right for you. Made by award-winning perfumers using the highest quality ingredients.
Helix Sleep - Kristian Von Rickenbach WG'15, Adam Tishman WG'15 and Jerry Lin WG'15
Personalized, custom made to order mattresses shipped to your doorstep at a fraction of the retail price.
Henry A. Davidsen Tailors - Brian Lipstein C'06
Henry A. Davidsen Master Tailors & Image Consultants offers perfectly tailored professional and special occasion clothing.
Humanistic Robotics - Samuel Reeves W'05
HRI is using its SafetySense Technology for wireless machine control to build a platform for human-machine collaboration.
Identified Technologies - Richard Zhang ENG'15
Commercial drone software for construction and energy companies.
Incidnt - co-founded by Timothy Blomfield, GEN’18, WG’17
Incidnt is a web and mobile phone application that provides students with an anonymous, easy to use tool to report bullying incidents in the school setting.
InnaMed - Ronald AngSiy WG'17
Gateway to your personalized health.
JSA Interactive - founded by VIP alumnus Julian Awad WEV'06
National Search Firm that provides a consultative approach to Internet marketing strategy and results.
Kinema Systems - founded by VIP alumnus Sachin Chitta GEN'00, GR'05
Kinema Systems is a robotics startup in the Silicon Valley building advanced robotic manipulation applications.
Laguna Beach Towel Company - Daniel Meurer WG'17
The Laguna Beach Towel Company specializes in high-end resort quality towels and textiles.
LashBee - Anjali Bahtia WG'15 & Erin Soletski WG'15
LashBee provides safer, more natural-looking and higher quality semi-permanent eyelash extensions.
Lavik Estates - founded by VIP alumnus Laxman Vaidya WG'08
A diversified real estate organization responsible for the ownership, management, development and redevelopment of properties in the Coimbatore & Chennai areas of India.
LocalAventura - Andrea Vidler G'15/WG'15 & Eugena Brown WG'15
LocalAventura invites you to experience Latin America through the eyes of a passionate local. By connecting you with our hand-selected local guides, you'll get the authentic and one-of-a-kind adventure you've been searching for.
LocalStove (Acquired by Hungry) - Steven Finn WG'16, Gregory Dubin WG'16, Henriques Setton WG'16
LocalStove connects great home cooks with hungry eaters. Acquired by Hungry in 2018.
Love, Sylvie - Kristen Dumbeck WG'19
Offers online smart female consumers high-quality fragrance at unparalleled price and convenience.
LoveSeat - founded by VIP alumnus Chris Stanchak WEV'03
Mobile marketplace for hard-to-find furniture with a focus on unique, vintage items.
Masala Meals - Viba Saligrama WG'17
Masala Meals is an Indian Plant-Based (Vegan and Vegetarian) Cuisine company that offers cooking and nutrition classes, sells hand-blended spices “MasalaMixes”, sells packaged meals, and caters select events.
Matt & Maire's Modern Italian Sandwiches - Nicole Capp WG'14 & Justin Sapolsky W'08 WG'14
Our bread quality and consistency will never be compromised. At Matt & Marie's you get fresh baked, crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside Italian bread, every day, every sandwich.
Memunatu - co-founded by Fatmata Kabia C'12 and Mariama Kabia C'12
Memunatu aims to promote literacy, leadership, and empowerment for teenage girls in West Africa through a classroom magazine.
MODERN ŌM - founded by VIP alumnus Myk Likhov WG'07
Modern OM brings mindfulness into your daily life.
Mwayi - Renata Aráuz-DeStefano WG'17
Mwayi is a proudly Malawian-based fashion brand that brings handmade, made-to-measure African print garments to your doorstep. We sell clothes made by women, for women.
My Best Friend's Weekend - Lauren Raouf WG'15 and Tisha Vaidya WG'15
We make the bachelorette planning process easy.
Navimize - Jennifer Meller WG'16
Navimize takes the wait out of the doctor's waiting room. Our innovative technology alerts patients when there are delays in the schedule, improving the appointment experience for both patients and physicians.
NeuroFlow - Christopher Molaro WG'17 and Adam Pardes GR'19
Changing the way we see brain health.
Of Mercer - Dorie Golkin Smith WG'13 and Emelyn Northway WG'13
Makers of fashionable and work-appropriate dresses, blazers, suiting & accessories for desk to dinner and beyond.
Off the Grid Ventures - founded by VIP alumnus Mathieu Peyron WG'07
Silicon Valley venture capital firm investing in early stage companies around the world, with a focus on seed, angel, and Series A rounds of funding.
Olori - Tomide Awe WG'17
Olori is an innovative handbags brand which offers African-designed products with proceeds going towards solving the problem of poverty through education of women in developing countries.
Oncora Medical, LLC - William (David) Lindsay GR'18, M'20
Oncora leverages historical medical data to deliver more effective, more efficient cancer care.
Pagevamp - Vincent Sanchez-Gomez C'13
Turn your Facebook page into a real website, for free.
Perseus Mirrors - Antina Lee WG'17
Perseus is the next generation smart mirror designed for the everyday consumer.
Petplan Pet Insurance - Chris Ashton WG'03 and Natasha Ashton WG'03
Lower vet bills by up to 90% with our pet insurance plans!
Plank - Josh Ryan W'17
Plank is a shared notepad you can send alongside any messaging conversation. It pauses the back and forth clutter of messaging, so the group can make decisions and distill what’s important.
Prajwalbharat (Lightup India) - Anuj Kulkarni WG'12
Prajwalbharat is the first social enterprise in the street lighting market.
QMagico - founded by VIP alumnae Claudia Massei WG'12
Ed tech company that offers an online platform to host educational content.
Sacriana - founded by VIP alumnus Aymeric de Hemptinne WG'11, G'11
Sacriana organizes flash sales on the Internet or private sales events to sell wine.
SalesRoads - David Kreiger C'99/WG'07
B2B Appointment Setting services with proven results & a money-back guarantee. 
Saphyr Pure Linen - Genevieve O'Mara WG'18
Saphyr pure linen is a direct to consumer bedding company. Saphyr sheets are made from the finest French linen, and by cutting out the middle man, we are able to offer them at an affordable price.
Sapient Industries, Inc. - Martin Koch W'19 and Samuel Parks C'17
We build intelligent energy delivery systems. The Sapient system is the first enterprise-scale solution to automate the elimination of wasteful human behaviors.
Securly - co-founded by Vinay Mahadik WG'13
Cloud-based Web Filtering for Schools and parents.
SetSail, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Summer Venture Award winner
SetSail - Lucy Zhang WG'16 and Lucy Peng WG'16
Promotes effective international education by using software and mentorship to help Chinese high school students prepare for and apply to US colleges.
Slidejoy (Acquired by Buzzvil) - co-founded by Robert Seo WG'12
Slidejoy is an app that rewards you to have trending news and promotions appear on your Android lockscreen.
SmartyPal - founded by VIP alumnus Keith Gornish WG'12
SmartyPal's cloud-based platform transforms passive educational content into personalized, interactive experiences.
Snowe - founded by VIP alumnus Rachel Cohen WG'12
Home essentials for whatever life brings.
Soceana - Tess Michaels C'15/W'15
SOCEANA seeks to generate social good by creating a vibrant community of volunteers, nonprofits, philanthropists and corporations.
Solstar - founded by VIP alumnus Fabio Carrara WG'12
Photovoltaic solar energy company
Somnarus Inc. - founded by VIP alumna Maria Merchant WG'08
Somnarus Inc. is a medical diagnostic company whose innovative products and services address the significant unmet need of patients with obstructive sleep apnea.
Springboard Collaborative - Alejandro Gac-Artigas GED'11
Springboard Collaborative closes the reading achievement gap by coaching teachers, training family members, and incentivizing learning such that our scholars have the requisite skills to access life opportunities.
Steignet - A.J. Steigman WG'18
Steignet is an early stage real estate tech startup. We are developing proprietary technology to identify undervalued and distressed residential real estate assets throughout certain U.S. geographic regions.
Stone & Strand - Nadine McCarthy Kahane WG'12
Designer jewelry online from the world's leading fine jewelry shopping destination.
StudentsCare - Erica Sokol SPP'16
StudentsCare matches college students one-on-one with children with cancer to provide support during long hospital stays.
Swaggable - founded by VIP alumnus Adnan Aziz C'04, ENG'04
Directly connects consumer demand with new products using permission-based data and personalized promotions.
Take Command Health - Jack Hooper WG'14
We use data and share advice to help find a great health plan for you.
Taxes Served - Andre Ellis WG'18
Taxes Served is an on-demand platform that allows individuals and small businesses to upload pictures of their basic tax information from a mobile device or desktop and connects them with a tax professional who renders those services.
Tesorio - Carlos Vega C'03, WG'14 and Fabio Fleitas ENG'16
Tesorio provides companies with the tools they need to claim control of their finances. We take the confusion out of cash management by surfacing only the most important issues and giving companies the power to immediately take the actions that will have the biggest impact to their bottom line.
The One Health Company - Ben Lewis V'12, WG'16
The One Health Company is a new model of contract research: dramatically improves pre-clinical testing, but also provides pets with beneficial cutting edge therapies to improve their wellness.
TrustCircle - Sachin Chavarria WG'13
TrustCircle helps reduce preventable ER visits and readmissions by empowering patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers with mobile health solutions that improve communication, collaboration, and coordination of care.
Twine Labs - Joseph Quan WG'17 and Nikhil Srivastava WG'17
We create meaningful workplace relationships - driving employee productivity, innovation, engagement, and retention.
Varsity Software Inc. - John Weaver WG'05
Varsity Software is fanatical about developing creative and innovative technology solutions.
Wall Street Oasis - Patrick Curtis WG'10
Top Wall Street jobs are hard to land and even harder to survive. With the help of our 440,000+ members, we will help you break in and master your finance career.
Warby Parker - co-founded by Neil Blumenthal, Dave Gilboa, Jeff Raider & Andy Hunt (all WG'10)
Bringing a social vision to the eyewear industry.
Wellivity, LLC - founded by VIP alumnus David Bendell GNU'13
Wellivity, LLC, is a healthcare computer vision and AI company that is developing an Automated Bedside Clinical Decision and Documentation System to reduce the administrative burden experienced by Registered Nurses in hospitals and increase the value of care.
WeTrain - Jonathan Sockol WG'16
Fitness on your schedule, in your budget.
Woveon - Adam Rawot ENG'17
The next generation of customer interaction
XEED - Sade Oba ENG'16/GEN'16 and Alfredo Muniz EE'16/ENG'16/GEN'16
Wearables for Parkinson's
Xpand - founded by VIP alumnus Deb Bardhan WG'11
Enterprise software company tackling human capital issues (talent retention, talent development, and talent management).
Young Alfred LLC - David Stasie WG'17
Young Alfred is your virtual P&C insurance broker, using algorithms to match you with a personalized policy.
ZEV - Gabriel Elsner WG'18 and Eddie Kong GEN'18
ZEV simplifies buying an electric vehicle (EV) by providing resources and education for consumers on new EV technology.