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A Little Louder Project - Oyinkansola Sofela W'21
A Little Louder Project is a content and community-building platform inspiring, empowering, and fostering belonging for women of color. We envision a global community dedicated to amplifying the voices of women of color and celebrating their joy.
aavrani - Rooshy Roychoudhury WG'19 and Justin Silver WG'19
Luxury Skincare Inspired by India’s Ancient Beauty Rituals.
Airi - Enrique Huaman WG21; Farid Barriga WG21
Airi is a one-stop shop for talent management in SMEs in Latin-America that provides employees access to a pool of non-financial and financial benefits
Alphagora LTD - Robert Dowling W'22, EAS'22, EE'22, GEng'22, GL'22; Michaela White, C'19
Alphagora is a roboadvisory for cryptocurrency., Inc - Trung Tran WG'09
Amplio is dedicated to making sure that high-performing individuals are ready everyday to perform at their best. Using a combination of wearable data and advance AI analytics, we ensure that our customers are physically, emotionally, and mentally ready to perform.
ArtsWrk - Nick Silverio W'18 and Ramita Ravi C'17
Artswrk is a professional network for artists and creatives to find, track, and refer work. @artswrkofficial
Audtra - Blyth van Dam SAS '21
Capitalize by speaking to subscribers on Audtra, the first, voice-based social network + marketplace (patent-pending).
Avisi Technologies - Rui Jing Jiang W'18, Brandon Kao ENG'18, Adarsh Battu W'18
Avisi is a medical devices startup investigating the use of a nanoscale, ocular implant to stop blindness in open-angle glaucoma patients.
BeenThere Technologies, Inc. - Colin Keeler WG'19
BeenThere is a peer-to-peer technology platform that connects prospective MBA students with current students in top MBA programs for application and admissions guidance.
BoCa Flavor - Jelece Morris WG'19
BoCa Flavor livens up your kitchen through a fusion of Bold Caribbean-inspired seasonings. Each blend is hand-crafted with the nostalgic essence of the islands and the authentic ingredients they are known for. Our modern blends take the Caribbean flavor profile beyond jerk and curry to unveil the breadth and depth of what makes the Caribbean so unique.
Body by Bridget - Bridget O'Carroll WG '21
High intensity virtual Pilates for big results in small spaces. Led by Bridget O'Carroll, former [solidcore] pro coach, Chief of Staff at Uber and current Wharton student.
Brunchface - Peter Chung, GFA’16
Mission: Enable city dwellers to casually and meaningfully engage with her city's brunch-scene.
Bulkr - Richard Li W'20
Bulkr is an online platform that allows consumers to purchase high-quality, local food at 30% off the price of traditional grocery stores and allows local farms to sell their food directly to consumers.
Callouts - Jared Noble W'21; Anthony Azagidi SEASG'20
Callouts is a matchmaking application designed to connect like-minded individuals in niche fitness communities.
Clarifi - Bryan Dinner WG'22,C'22 and Timo Vaimann WG'22
Clarifi is a digital productivity platform to improve the educational outcomes for middle and high-school students suffering from ADHD.
Clove - co-founded by Joseph Ammon WG'19
Stylish footwear for medical professionals that combine the best of current sneaker technology with the technical requirements of traditional nursing shoes.
coBlossom - David Klippel WG'22; Luke Fraker WG'22
coBlossom is an app that turns exercises derived from couple's therapy and scientific studies into fun activities that couples can enjoy at their own pace while building the core skills for a healthy relationship
Coco & Ives - co-founded by Josh Brown WG'19
Coco & Ives is a revolutionary children's clothing brand centered on the idea of functional fashion.
Coder Staffing - co-founded by Boris Alergant G'19, WG'19
The Premier IT Outstaffing Company: hire highly qualified developers quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost
Craftshou- Selena Chang, WG'18 and Jonathan Cagadas, WG'17
Craftshou is an online marketplace for art and craft studios.
Droneshot - Christopher Kao ENG'18, GEN'18
Droneshot specializes in aerial real estate photography, cinematography, and panoramic photography. Our bread and butter is Pivot, our custom-coded interactive drone panoramas.
Fitalyst - Jonathan Muruako C17, GR20, GR21
Fitalyst matches students to campus resources & tips. We optimize student access to underused staff, tools, and content.
Global Economic Awareness Project - Co-founded by Federico Mele WG'20
The Global Economic Awareness (GEA) Project is a US-based nonprofit with a vision to foster economic literacy worldwide. GEA workshops target students in underserved communities and address real-world economic issies through a proprietary hypothesis-based problem solving approach. These workshops are free and led by high-achieving young professionals and university students.
GoFurther Careers - Anthony Gokianluy WG'20
Founded in 2015, GoFurther Careers is a professionally run education company specializing in higher education application and job recruitment strategies and solutions for international students.
GoodRun - Brandon Huang WG '22
We help you find competitive pickup basketball in your city!
Headway - Julia Lin ENG'18, GEN'20; Laura Ceccacci GEN'20; Jonah Arnheim ENG'19, GEN'20 and Alex Qian Wan GEN'20
Headway is an on-screen pointer that coordinates surgical team communication for any surgical procedure that relies on a screen.
High Performance Aviation - Brandon Ray WG’22
High Performance Aviation is an aircraft brokerage firm focused on private aircraft sales and acquisitions for individuals, businesses, and Fortune 1000 companies. Based in Houston, Texas, HPA specializes in piston, turboprop, and corporate jet transactions.
InstaHub - Michael Wong W'18; Dayo Adewole ENG15, GEN15, GR21; Matthew Hanna ENG'18
The InstaHub is an affordable occupancy and vacancy sensor that can be installed instantly.
JobsJobs, Inc. - Victoria Rubanovich, GSE'22
Personalized employee onboarding for smartphone generation
Jochi - Yash Dhir ENG'24
Jochi is an integrated, personal management platform for high school & middle school students that caters to their school-related needs outside the classroom.
Jove - Joshua Evans C’14
Jove simplifies the real estate process by connecting you with the fastest real estate agents. Choose the properties you want to see and when you want to see them.
Joy Is You - Co-founded by Bhavika Goyal WG'20
#JoyIsYou is one of the fastest growing personal growth companies in India, committed to inspiring organizations, teams and individuals to reach their greatest potential.
Kidas - Ron Kerbs G'20,WG'20
Our Mission is creating a safe environment for kids in the virtual world. Kidas provides an AI and community-based service that alerts parents about threats and educates kids about dangerous online activity
maia.AI - Jalaj Maheshwari GEN'17
Enabling Smart, Connected Occupant Protection. One step closer to Vision Zero through AI-driven technology
Mask Blasts - Jane Reynolds W'23
Mask Blasts are scented sprays made with natural cleansing agents and essential oils infused with CBD that are designed to refresh all types of masks and calm the wearer.
MD Ally - Shanel Fields WG'19
MD Ally is on a mission to enhance emergency medical care delivery and reduce emergency room overcrowding by enabling video calls between 911 callers & medical personnel within seconds.
MealPost - Jesse Weinberg WG'22
MealPost partners with hospitals and medical centers to provide staff affordable, delicious and convenient food delivered from local restaurants, 100% fee-free.
myQs - Dhawal Sehgal GEN'08
myQs is a Skill-Sharpening App for Techies, it uses a minimalist, bite-sized, flashcard-based Q&A mechanism that helps users in testing their skills at the desired difficulty level and gives them feedback to monitor their progress. Our in-app gamification model encourages users to do better through an engaging rewards system.
MyStethi - Aleksey Tadevosyan C'08
A mobile physician recruiting platform.
Nananke - Romaine Waite ENG'14
Nananke is a community-centric tech company. Cadet is a service that helps individuals find, explore, and share their passions.
National Pre-Health Conference - Alejandra Bahena SAS' 22
Our yearly conference is a free resource for individuals of any background interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.
NOMM - Gayatri Karandikar, WG'19
NOMM (Nutrition On My Mind) makes vegan, wheat-free, organic cookies with simple ingredients, no added sugar, and no added fat so that you can indulge guilt-free!
Nouri - Irene Liu WG’22
Nouri is an adaptive, meal subscription membership that fuses Western nutrition with Eastern food therapy to help moms feel their best through each stage of new motherhood.
OnHouse - Yoojin Jang WG'21
OnHouse is a marketplace to find trusted perfect property managers; winner of Wharton Pitch Week Competition 2021.
Orthly, Inc. - co-founded by Daniel Hanover ENG'19 W'19
Orthly is a new D2C invisible aligner brand that allows patients to get better smiles at a revolutionary price from the convenience of their homes.
Paintru - Brendan Aronson WG'20
Paintru turns your favorite memories into hand-painted works of art. A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but artwork tells the whole story. When a framed photo won't suffice, turn to Paintru to expertly capture the emotions of your special moment via hand-painted art.
Pawsitive - Samaya Sinha GEN'20
Join a community of dog parents & dog trainers on Pawsitive app.
Peerpod - Sachit Gali C'23, Vish Dhar ENG'23, Saaketh Narayan W'23, Albert Gu C'23
Peerpod is a centralized digital platform for finding and collaborating with classmates. It seeks to enhance the educational and social aspects of a college experience, which is especially needed as students study virtually due to COVID-19.
Pencilton - Angad Singh Oberoi GEN'18
Incredibly innovative simulation, designed using gamification, to teach school students the basics of money management in the most fun and easiest way.
PHRASE Health - Mike Zeidlhack WG'19 and Marc Tobias, MD
PHRASE helps healthcare organizations optimize their clinical decision support implementation in the electronic health record (EHR) system.
rmdy - Kate Kim WG'20 and Ryan Morgan WG'20
rmdy is a modern wellness that works. With a team of leading doctors & researchers, rmdy has combined research-backed & holistic ingredients to reimagine your medicine cabinet.
Roundup App - Braden Fineberg Eng'19, GEN'19 and Nile Nwogu W'19
Introducing a new mobile alternative donating platform for NPOs and their constituents.
SAAVHA - Co-founder Mathew Rose GEN'05
SAAVHA a multi-sided platform that addresses increasing cybersecurity, fraud, and data rights regulations, through simplifying and improving secure interactions between organizations and their customers at every touchpoint (web, phone, in-person, and data use)
Sanguis - Divyansh Agarwal GR'23, M'23; Prateek Agarwal M'19; Daniel Zhang GR'23, M'23
Sanguis is a smartphone-sized, inexpensive, and rapid blood count monitoring device to measure hemoglobin, platelet, and neutrophil levels.
Shero Housecalls - Sophia Mulliner GNU'13
Shero Housecalls mission is to provide quality pediatric urgent care to patients in the comfort of their home.
Sigo Insurance - Nestor Solari G'19 WG'19 and Julio Erdos C'10 ENG'10 G'19 WG'19
Sigo Insurance makes buying auto insurance easy and transparent for Hispanic American customers.
Smile Culture Dental - Parth Patel D'18, WG'20
Smile Culture Dental is a multi-specialty dental services company currently serving Greater Philadelphia area. We offer a high NPS dental patient experience, convenience, and affordability - all aspects we found lacking in the field.
Sovalis - Co-founder Ritvik Bodducherla C'22, W'22
Sovalis is an international 501(c)(3) student-led non-profit organization that aims to eliminate mosquito-borne illnesses such as dengue fever by fostering innovation in mosquito control and education. 
Strella Biotechnology - Katherine Sizov C'19
Strella is developing a biosensor that can predict the maturity of virtually any fresh fruit, thus reducing waste costs.
Synovium - Elston He L'20, WG'20; Pratyusha Yalamanchi M'18, WG'18; Evan Zou C'19, W'19; Rajiv Patel-O'Connor C'19
Synovium is a healthcare technology company, leveraging big data-enabled tools to revolutionize treatment for autoimmune disease.
Tend - James Lamming WG '21
Tend is a social commerce platform enabling farmers to sell direct to consumers. Customers can interact directly with farmers to know where their food comes from and how it's been grown and buy straight from their favorite farms.
The Unscripted Project - Philip F. Chen W'20
The Unscripted Project is a non-profit that teaches students critical social-emotional and interpersonal skills through the medium of improvisational theater
twofiftyseven - Medha Bankhwal WG'21; Shradha Gupta WG'21
twofiftyseven is a B2C platform where womxn can attend workshops with a gender lens on topics such as influence, negotiation and power to address barriers to accomplishing proficiency and promotion and overcoming perception barriers in the workplace.
Vencru - Chika Ofili WG'19
Vencru is a financial and marketing platform for SMEs in emerging markets. It’s a one-stop shop for SMEs to perform billing & invoicing, managing of clients, and creating business campaigns.
Vise AI - Co-founder Runik Mehrotra W'22
An AI driven platform for Financial Advisors that automates their wealth management.
Wonder Year - Jess Stokes WG'21
Wonder Year is an online community for teenage girls who are interested in business. We are on a mission to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs and investors through online learning and mentorship.
Young Teachers, Inc. - Stefano Sanchez, W'24
YTeach is a peer tutoring and scheduling app that taps into the power of connection and creates a passion for life and learning. Working together with schools in a B2B subscription-based business model, YTeach creates a network of empowered leaders and offers students their greatest learning resource: each other.
Youth Entrepreneus Diversity Corporation - Co-founded Jordan Williams W'20
The Youth Entrepreneurs Diversity Corporation is a non-profit founded to bring together young entrepreneurs and leaders of all backgrounds to network, collaborate, and be inspired.