Visiting Scholars

The Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center offers a unique opportunity for Ph.D candidates, faculty from visiting institutions, or post doctoral students to further their studies, engage in collaborative research efforts with Wharton faculty.

The Visiting Scholar Program consists of individuals from around the world who have come to the Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center for the purpose of doing research, attending seminars and auditing courses given on the University of Pennsylvania campus, primarily at the Wharton School. They usually are individuals who are in the process of getting a Ph.D, have just received their Ph.D and are doing post-graduate work, or are faculty from other Universities doing research or studying how to create and operate entrepreneurship programs in their home countries.

In addition to providing basic support needs, the Center also offers a seminar series venue specifically structured for Visiting Scholars. In this venue, they can present their research to other Visiting Scholars, interested faculty and students. It is designed so they can share their research experiences, receive productive feedback and develop presentation skills.