Wei-Yin Ko GEN’17 interned at Wellsheet in New York City, NY

2016 Startup Internship Award Winner supported by The Rosalind (WG’76) and Roy (WG’76) Neff Entrepreneurial Internship Fund

Over the summer I worked as a project manager intern for WellSheet, Inc., a provider-focused healthcare technology company that seeks to prioritize patient data based on both the specialty of the provider and clinical context. The core team of the company consists of Penn students/alums from Wharton, IPD, and SEAS.  I found out about this company during the Wharton Business Competition and contributed a couple hours here and there on the development of their software during the spring. As the product became ready for demos and implementation within hospitals, the founder of the company asked me to stay on to work with them on as a technical expert and assist them on the health systems integration project over the summer.

My interest in both the business and technical sides of a tech company drove my decision to work with the young startup. As someone who used to work in equity research, I have always been interested in how a business operates. Now that I am back in school studying computer science, I also want the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in a real-world setting. What WellSheet offered me what exactly the opportunity to do both by letting intern as a technical project manager. My job was to assist in the coordination of the engineering team and manage the product while mastering the full technology stack behind it. Over the months I had the chance to communicate and serve as a liaison between our team and our business partners, search for new technologies that improves the development process, and explain the technical details to clients and investors. Ultimately the experience is incredibly rewarding as I got the chance to see and learn the entire vertical from development to business and how the needs from these 2 sides translate to one another.

For anyone who wants to work in a startup, you should be expect to have to go above and beyond your job description as people often wear multiple hats in a startup environment. Personally I really enjoyed playing different roles depending on what is currently needed. This required a lot of quick-thinking and flexibility on my part—which is my biggest takeaway from the summer. Additionally, you should be upfront about your own interests with the startup and see if the company if willing to work with you to meet your own goals. WellSheet was a great match for me because the team allowed to participate in every aspect of the business that I was interested in. I think the deep level of involvement you get to have within the company and the resulting impact you bring to the firm is the most exciting thing about working with a startup, so make sure to find the right firm that will give you the experience you are looking for!