Following a rigorous application process and careful review, we are pleased to announce the inaugural cohort of Wharton India Fellows. The Fellows are students from The College of Arts and Sciences, The Wharton School, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. They will have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in India through a half-semester course followed by a 2-week immersion in an India startup or rapidly scaling company. They will also serve as ambassadors of their schools and the University of Pennsylvania during this study plus immersion experience. 


Ransford Antwi

The School of Engineering and Applied Science


My ultimate goal is to make Ghana a tech hub within West Africa similar to how Bangalore is in India. I would love for the opportunity to further my entrepreneurship education with the knowledge, networking, and experience that would be gained on this trip.

Cabo photo

Cameron Cabo

The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology: The School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Wharton School

ENG’20, W’20

I’ve closely studied the strategies of companies the likes of IKEA, Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix as they test their feet in India, hoping to strike gold. There is an incredible amount to learn from how to target such a unique locale and I firmly believe the ability to target such a segment will inform segmentation decisions across markets.

Headshot_Chen Ethan

Ethan Chen

The Wharton School


I would love to visit this exhilarating new market and feel the passion that drives these entrepreneurs. I am thrilled this new Fellowship has been established at Wharton, and believe that all of us will need to understand this country intimately for success in our increasingly multicultural world.

Fu_Valencia Headshot

Valencia Fu

The College of Arts and Sciences


No other interest has forced me to think harder or pivot faster than entrepreneurship has. The culture, where people are measured not by their credentials but by their willingness to learn and do, is so inspiring. It’s exactly where I want to be.


Brook Jiang

The Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business: The College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School

C’20, W’20

As a student in the Huntsman Program, I’m inspired by the intersection between business and global affairs. I would like to learn how I can best position myself as an entrepreneur in a rapidly evolving landscape by observing and asking for guidance from my mentors.


Lauren Kim

The Wharton School


I want to work on an entrepreneurial project to delve deeper into how the supply chains, the technologies, and the capabilities of a company can come together, and how that might look, especially in an Indian perspective.

Kolakowski photo

Michal Kolakowski

The Wharton School


From my experience so far I know that even small changes in a startup make a significant impact, therefore, I would be incredibly excited to help and contribute to the growth of a startup. I hope to learn more about India’s business environment and culture.


Nash Mandizwidza

The Wharton School


I would want to be a fellow for this opportunity because I believe the best currency for any young entrepreneur these days is an experience. Working with scaling startups in Bangalore is one of the best experiences I could ever receive to explore the ever-changing technology landscape in India. This is a tremendous learning opportunity as we get to learn not only what makes the companies tick but how the founders think and structure their companies.


Athena Panton 

The Wharton School


I would love the opportunity to experience first hand the ways in which Indian culture permeate and influence entrepreneurial ventures. I intend to work in India someday, so being a fellow would be an incredible way to discover both the country and the entrepreneurial environment before I graduate.


Gabe Ren

The Wharton School


In the spirit of pursuing a more entrepreneurial career, I changed my concentration this year to entrepreneurship and innovation. I am excited about the prospect of helping a company scale and impacting a greater number of people.

Yang_Sophia_2019 Headshot

Sophia Yang

The Wharton School


I became fascinated by startups, and more broadly, the innovation space, after realizing how those people and companies are actively creating potential solutions for the purpose of improving lives. That is why I believe that’s where our future is being shaped, and why I want to be a part of it.


Will Yoo

The Wharton School


What is most exciting to me about a course that involves travel and immersion into an unfamiliar and exciting corner of the entrepreneurial world is that the learning goes on and on. I’m excited because I see all of these things coming together in this experience based course.

Applications for this program are now CLOSED. Our next application cycle will be announced at a later date. 


Email: Jill Anick, Senior Associate Director, Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship (janick@wharton.upenn.edu)

This new Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship initiative is made possible by: Sashi P. Reddi, GRW’94, SRI Capital